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ZKWK15 - D4 - Rue

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This year's personal overall theme is alternate avatar universe set in Joseon Dynasty Korea in the storytelling style of sageuks annnnddd.....honestly it's mostly an excuse to draw some zutara in hanbok outfits. heheheeeee~ 

Rue, being regretful, to feel remorse. 

ZK sageuk story:

Despite Prince Zuko's efforts to limit his chance of dethronement, the sneaky ministers who wanted him gone caught onto his past charades of being the Blue Spirit. As punishment for what they decided as "treason", the ministers burned his face instead of "brutally" damaging the crown prince, hoping he regrets his treacherous deeds. With a frightful scar, he hides his face behind his Blue Spirit mask. A few months passed and Katara hasn't been able to see Zuko. She heard of his sentence but no site of him. She headed for their usual meeting spot in the forest, only to be greeted by a familiar mask. After 10 years, she finds out the identity of the masked boy she met by chance as a kid. 

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day 4 - (you are here) 
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I love absolutely love your theme for this year's Zutara Week.  It is very unique!
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Just saw this now.
Gahh...I love the texture of your lines, particularly in the clothes. Your style is most excellent.
Cactys's avatar
Wow, this is amazing. I especially love the feeling you've been able to convey :D Plus Zuko's long hair looks great!
zutaraxmylove's avatar
thank you! zuko's hair was my fav part to draw
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omg I love it that you create a whole story for the whole zutara month!! :D <3
zutaraxmylove's avatar
glad u do! its been a challenge since each prompt doesn't really lead into the next but its been fun. 
(by the way, its zutara week, i dont think i can handle a month XD)
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Yeah, I must applaud you for participating the whole week haha. I was planning to do that too but I couldn't, busy with other stuffs. So I participated only like 2 days. But seriously, I love your story! :D I reaallyy hope someone could write a fanfiction out of it, I bet it would get a lot of reviews! <3
zutaraxmylove's avatar
I saw your pieces. They look amazing! Ahh i wish u could've done more but i understand they do take a while to get through. I wanted to give up halfway cuz I had a lot of other things to do during the week but since i started that whole "zutara korean drama" aspect of it, it had to be finished. So it really was a struggle pumping them out. 

Oooo! a fanfiction! i wouldn't mind reading it. 
Amourinette's avatar
Me too! I also had problems with the ideas, Idk why somehow I found most of the themes difficult to interpret. It was so annoying that I got ideas when it's gonna be zutara week soon ahaha, so yeah I was rushing too. I never seriously participated in any zutara week/month before, that's why I pushed myself this time. How could I? Being a try fan of zutara, I must participate ahaha. Btw, I have a fanpage on facebook for zutara. I want to post your pictures and story there, with credit ofc (always). Is that ok? :D
zutaraxmylove's avatar
i agree with the difficult themes. It's like the words are getting bigger, harder and less commonly used. 
i know what u mean. zutara was the main reason i started drawing so its kinda a homage i have to pay every year (since i dont draw avatar stuff much lately)

i try to limit people reposting (i hope u dont mind) but i do have them already posted on my own facebook page updated with the story in the description and everything. u can share them to your page.
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Yeah the theme for this time is a bit difficult to interpret, I guess it's because the words they use are kinda formal. I was stressing out that I didn't get any ideas, but hey they did pop in my head the minute it's gonna be zutaraweek hahaha. Oh yeah I do like and follow you on facebook as well, then I'll share t from your page! ^^ so that more ppl could like your page.
zutaraxmylove's avatar
yes very formal. i liked the old prompts like Denim or Faded. Much more simple and easier to expand. 

awesome! and thank you!
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What an image.
KaliannShevlin's avatar
Oh this is haunting yet a powerful image
zutaraxmylove's avatar
Yes. It was one of my favorites to draw. 
Tortoise01Swe's avatar
So sad :(

Excellent work!
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Um, day 1 and 3 are not there anymore.
zutaraxmylove's avatar
sorry about that. i was in the process of fixing the links. everything should work now. if not, u could always click on my gallery and find them. 
ladyphantomofmusic's avatar
yep they work, and its no problem. I love the story and pictures. I know that this pairing isn't cannon, but I love it all the same, and for some reason, watching the show, it always made more sense to me.
zutaraxmylove's avatar

thanks. i used to be hardcore for them until legend of korra came out.
Now i only draw them for zutara week to pay homage to the two who are the main reason why i started drawing. 
ladyphantomofmusic's avatar
Nice. I watched the show far after is was done (yeah late to the fandom), then I tried getting into Legend of Korra which was into its second or third season. But that show kind of flopped for me.
zutaraxmylove's avatar
agreed. korra's story was weirdly written since it started. For Aang, they had a clear goal for him while Korra, u don't know until u finish the series and even then, u still don't know. 
ladyphantomofmusic's avatar
I know. I remember hearing, or reading, that they new the entire story for The Last Air Bender before they even started. So they already knew where they were going. Korra, I read what the ending was and it seems like its a total 180 from the rest of the show.
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