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ZK Calendar July (full)

Finally, after 5 months of waiting, I receieved the Zutara calendar in the mail today (4/18/12).

check it out: [link]

back in October 2011, I uploaded a preview of the picture [link] and i was waiting for the day to upload the full version once the calendars have been completed. Today was that day.

Hope u all enjoy it!
And thank you to those who have purchased it.
I look forward for more projects in the future.
Calendar - Month of July created for :iconzutara-fans-unite:
moderated by :iconhappyzuko: and :icon1foxylady:

info here:

(side note: i cant believe i drew like that....i guess within less than a year i already improved in my drawings and still do)

description from preview deviation. via October 6, 2011
ohh man oh mann ohhhhh mannnn! how did this thing take me nearly 3 months to do?
and it went under sooooo many concept changes.

Since I'm July, the concept for this is "QiXi" aka Chinese Valentine's Day.
Qixi takes place on the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar (which in mondern times has jus shifted to the western calendar jus for fun?)
More info here: [link]

Here i have Zuko as the Cow Herder and Katara as the Weaver Girl. I PROMISE YOU ALL THE FULL VERSION LOOKS SOOOO MUCH MORE EPIC!
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LOL,brilliant concept!! and nice delivery!!~
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thank you! hopefully someday i can remake this and make it better
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You'll make it better for sure~
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should've ordered the calendar when u had the chance.
if u missed out on ordering, we might do another one for 2013. nothing is set yet so dont get ur hopes up just yet. it really depends if a lot of people want it.
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I know TT ^ TT

I was always a fan about Zutara, but my internet access was short and I started joining/faving the art recently XD

It was my own demise, but if you guys do one next year, I'll buy it
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cool cool!
just keep a lookout on the zutara groups.
if there is something, they'll be the first to let everyone know
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It really turned out awesome didn't it? It was a lot of work and stress, but the calendars were worth it. ^^
We still need to decide if we want to do another one for next year. :D
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yes it did!
and its amazing how i could recognize who drew what without any names and the fact we all improved over the past half year.
i think if we were to do another, we'd have to make sure who is willing to buy it.
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is that Zuko mom he is reaching out to?
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why deos she look diffrent?
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she's drawn differently? her hair is pulled different?
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and her skin is white?
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yeah the artists were really amazing but i'm sure we could do even better if we did another one. if we decide to do another at least we'll know who to trust, where to order from, and how much to charge. this time around was sooo stressful.
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