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I'm Zuko

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:empllama: This is a Korean celebrities crossover with Avatar characters. Not a culturally/ethnically accurate portrayal. :emplllama:

This is what happens when an Avatar fan is also a kpop/kdrama fan. ^___^
It's been nearly half a year since my KpopKdrama crossover as Legend of Korra characters and I've been dying to do the AtLA series.

For this series, the characters will be released in order of their appearance in the show (except for zuko, he's my bias and will be reserved for the end).

EVERYONE! WELCOME TO THE END OF THE DRAWING SERIES! Please give a big round of applause to our man of honor, ZUKO! As played by BigBang's G-Dragon. 

The best combo of my biases. Zuko played by GD is hands down my one true choice. I chose GD as Zuko back when i started the AtLA set after finishing Korra's set. For those of you who are new to my artwork or have forgotten, Zuko and G-Dragon are my ultimate true biases. I've always been loyal to Zuko in AtLA. I've always been loyal to GD in kpop. I'll always crawl back to both no matter how far i stray (actually i don't stray much, my personality is ISTJ after all). They both have that badboy edge with that soft heart underneath the rough edges.

If you stuck with me since 2008, you may have noticed i made a manipulation of JYJ's Jaejoong as Zuko (….  Jaejoong was a tough contender for Zuko's spot, especially after his performance in "Dr. Jin Timeslip". His character was pretty much Zuko. But! i couldn't see him as Zuko anymore. There was something about his facial structure I couldn't picture the result. Then there was Zutara Week 2013, I drew Dante Basco (Zuko's voice actor) as Zuko (…. Came out strange but was something interesting. 

ANYWAYS! Besides my biased choice, there's actually some thinking behind why i chose GD as Zuko. They're both natural leaders. They both had a struggle: zuko with his good/bad and GD with public controversies. They're both more on the quiet side but when needed, will voice their opinions. Facial structure is quite similar. As per GD's acting in his drama parodies with BigBang, he always played the dorky character with a sad past. Now if that doesn't sound like zuko, then i don't know what. OH!!! and!!! they both had TONS AND TONS of hairstyle changes. Can't forget that. 

Bonus: OH! and because CL is Azula and both pairs have awesome dynamics. XD

Some challenges faced with this portrait:
- scar had to appear more realistic yet retain zuko's signature scar shape.
- not sure what Older!Zuko's collar looks like. Is it metal?  
- those hair things that poke out in front of the ear in Older!Zuko's design...i think i made it work
- overall choosing the best GD reference picture to show off zuko's scar. (i used two GD pix and a whole lot of other references)

Photo reference:……

Fanart of Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender
Avatar the Last Airbender (c) Mike & Bryan & Nickelodeon

:bulletblue: Katara (Shin Min Ah) -…
:bulletblue: Sokka (Lee Kwang Soo) -…
:bulletyellow: Aang (Lee Seung Gi) -…
:bulletred: Iroh (Sung Dong Il) -…
:bulletgreen: Suki (Min Sun Ye) -…
:bulletred: Azula (Lee Chae Rin CL) -…
:bulletred: Mai (Son Ga In) -…
:bulletgreen: Toph (Amber Liu) -…
:bulletred: Ozai (Lee Byung Hun) -…
:bulletred: Zuko (G-Dragon) - you are here. 
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he is a good boy! lolol
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Too womany, but this is so amazing and realistic I'll forgive you.
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Lmao, GD makes a pretty cool Zuko.
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He looks a bit like a girl no offence lol XD! Still awesome!
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yea...i'll admit gd's features do look a bit feminine (hence why he usually gets the girl parts in drama parodies)
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GD AS ZUKO IS VERY UNEXPECTED BUT SO AWESOME! I'm so blown away! I love both G-dragon and Zuko and it fits so well!! Pwhaha and I love what you did using CL and GD. Just awesome and beautiful man! 
zutaraxmylove's avatar
unexpected? really? i thought it'd be obvious cuz of all the gd and zuko stuff i post :D 

but yes, if i use CL, i gotta use GD. 
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I haven't used DA in a while haha but I always look forward to your work! I mean I've seen some of the GD and Zuko stuff but didn't put two and two together. ^_^ I was a bit caught off guard and happy that you used GD! I can't believe your series is complete! You've definitely gone through an exciting journey working on them and did an amazing job! Thanks so much for sharing your awesomeness! Just curious, but will you do extra korra characters like varrick, wan, or eska and desna? Or even more crossovers? Anyway it's been one crazy ride!  
zutaraxmylove's avatar
thank you so much for all the kind words! 

as for if i'll make more, it depends on the characters we'll see in the new korra season and if i get enough requests (surprisingly, my portraits don't get much attention as u think. IrohII/Taecyeon had the most. Roughly 800 notes on tumblr).
I know who i want as desna & eska though. 

But as for crossovers, i am planning to do some Once Upon a Time stuff. I just need to finish my Disney Princess wedding dresses on my other account first. 
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Oh? But you're art's amazing! I mean I tell my friends all about you and your awesomeness because we love everything haha! Plus, we're in so many fandoms. You definitely deserve more views! 

You watch Once Upon A Time too? AWESOME! I shall look forward to that! And have a great day! ^_^
zutaraxmylove's avatar
wahhhhh! thanks for the kind words again!!!

and yes. OUAT too. but i dont post much about it so far so its not as obvious.
NCMM3rs's avatar
You're welcome! Anyway I'm excited! ^_^

zutaraxmylove's avatar
yes i did! i wish it would start now so we can catch up with the spoilers. some of it got onto my feed and i really don't want anymore
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He looks like he'd also be a good choice to play one (or both) of the sons of Elrond.  Had they been in the movie.
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Lord of the Rings? Sorry, i'm not familar with it but after googling it, i kinda agree. 
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XD my pleasure! have an amazing week! 
aelitacode59656's avatar
Thank you! I bet I will now that I've seen this picture :D
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