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Kvothe from the book "The Name of the Wind", I love it so much :woohoo:

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I absolutely love this piece!
The first thing I noticed about it is that it has movement, which instantly attracts your attention. The birds and the streams of wind in the sky really add interest.
Secondly, The contrast between your choice of light and dark is astounding.
You even softened this line by adding a misty haze around the mountains, which gives them presence. I like how you blended the clouds, too; it's easy to envision them moving.
The cool thing is that you've still managed to make your character the main focus in this piece.

Overall, very balanced and well done!
Hi Lena,

Can you send me an email in regard to this art. You can reach me at Thank you kindly.
This makes an absouloutley stunning 21:9 wallpaper, and they are hard to come by for unique things such as this, thank you, you are a legend.
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This is amazing!! Maybe the best imagery of Kvothe I have ever seen.
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I've only read the first one so far, but wow this is incredible!! Everything about this is absolutely beautiful! The colours, the movement, the fantasy element in it... Amazing!
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THIS IS PERFECT! I <3 it soooo much. Fantastic!!!!
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I love the word details you put into the wind! Marvelous!
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This artwork describes the whole book in one image. I remember the leaves, and the wind of course :). It's complete, and beautifully made.
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I love this book so much... thanks for this amazing drawing
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When I see this I think "A Legend in the making" because it is just so legendary. You have a great eye for detail and creating interesting movement.
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Is that the cloak Felurian made for him? Love this pic!
Beautiful concept and technique. Would love to get this in print :)
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What a great picture, love it! Did you check the message I sent you about it? :)
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Why haven't I seen this before?!
It's awesome!I love it :D
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Warn: I do not speak English (Russia). Picture simply magnificent (like the book). But would like to find out what the icon on the far right edge of the picture (just above the middle). It looks like a piece of a program.

Google translate))
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I absolutely love this! A must have, even more because I just finished the book :love:
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