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whoa guys look at me. I did something completely different. I made a 3d model of a key whooooaaaaa
I want ot get into a game design school and want to do visual arts. Which consists of 3d modeling
I had actually decided to start 3d practice like at the end of last year yet i've never actually started it. Until now. woopwoop :D

Tips, comments, and feedback are greatly appreciated
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Oh hi!
we have a same dream! ^^ nice work! what 3D-program do you use?

I think the only tip I can give you is check out multiple tutorials online. I think this is a good first 3D-model. gj! :)
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Thanks a lot ^^
I'm using 3ds Max. The 2013 version, but still.
What do you use?
And yeah I was planning on watching tutorials. Do you have any reccomendations? The last time I tried I didn't have that much succes...
Also thanks for the fave ^^
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that's a good program what I've heard. 3dsmax and maya are apparently used most in video games.
I've only used blender and the free program called sculptris, it's a downgraded Zbrush but it's a really easy to use, and fun too!
I don't know what tuts to watch really. most of them vary in quality a lot. Tutor4u does great blender tutorials I think... I kinda look at a bit from many tutorials, try to replicate as much as I can...
the problems I have with some tutorials is that the person who makes them often think the watchers know all the small things like quick-buttons.
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Ah alright, I've heard of those but I have no clue what the actual difference is.
And I'll give Tutor4u a shot. Thanks ^^ and yeah it's kinda weird that someone making a tutorial video expects people to know the quick-buttons
Also thanks a lot for the watch and the llama ^^