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Getting StARTed with Art Prompts

Getting StARTed with Art Prompts

Looking for inspiration? Every artist can relate to hitting a creative block, but sometimes all it takes to break it is some simple inspiration. To help, we created Getting StARTed, a video series designed to inspire anyone looking to kickstart their artistic journey. Check out the Getting StARTed videos for prompts to get your own art started! Get to drawing and submit your illustration with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to earn a brand-new Profile badge! Follow these easy steps to enter: Watch: View the featured videos and discover the latest prompts. Make: Create art based on the prompt you choose in whatever format you desire. Submit: Upload your art to DeviantArt with the tag #DAGettingStARTed to get the badge! Want the extra challenge? Submit drawings for all 10 videos! Check out these prompts! Watch these videos from @IsiahXBradley, @Skirtzzz, @Iamjustino, @DasGnomo, @AshMcGivern, @jacarvajal, @himaeart, @MartinWongPhoto, @velvetspectrum, and @alexalvarez, and pick your prompt!
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My Bio
:bulletwhite: Hello! I'm Zules. I am a Christian, and I am pretty shy but friendly, so don't hesitate to send me a message! I love deviantART and have been active here for many years. INFJ.

I am the author of the webcomic Exvulnerum, so please consider giving it a read if you like my art!

All you really have to know about me, though, is that I tried to write a 20,000 word story and accidentally made it 369,000 words...

----------- L i k e s -----------

:bulletred: STAR TREK- Yes, I liked Voyager and Nemesis. Sry

:bulletgreen: HOMESTUCK- I am half Sylph of Hope and half Roxy Lalonde.

:bulletpurple: MINECRAFT- Oh! Oh! I'll make the wheat farm!!

:bulletblue: OSU- osu! is an awesome music game for the PC. Gotta tap fast

:bulletyellow: ELEMENTS THE GAME- It is this really cool online collectible card game, and I'm basically in love with it in every way.

:bulletorange: THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE- I'll become fluent! One of these days... 日本語でチャットするのはめっちゃ楽しいと思う!できれば下にコメントしてください!よろしくお願いします!!

:bulletwhite: MISC- Other things I like include: Fullmetal Alchemist, Steven Universe, C.S. Lewis, The Killers, Begiragons, Pokemon, Supernatural, Five Nights at Freddy's, Doctor Who, Spotify, The Phantom of the Opera, TwoKinds, WWE, Bubble Spinner, PHP programming, baseball, Married At First Sight, conscripts & conlangs, The Office, vocaloids, Babylon 5, Slightly Damned, Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra, Gintama, Animal Crossing, Guild Wars 2, midi music, Marina and the Diamonds, let's plays, The Bachelor/ette, The Endless Forest, MBTI, Jane Eyre, survival TV, NaNoWriMo, Dvorak & alternative keyboards, My Little Pony, Fruits Basket, kreative spelling & spelling reform, and Interstella 5555

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felinemonHobbyist General Artist

Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy--sorry I'm late. <><'>

zurisuProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you!!

Happy Birthday, Zules!

zurisuProfessional Digital Artist

Thanks!! :D

Yw! Hope you're having a good one ^^

zurisuProfessional Digital Artist

Yes, it was amazing!!! How have you been?

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