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Rift Contest- Death Colossus

Concept for the Death Colossus Contest.
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Hey, look, Its Hecarim! LEague of Legends + Rift = instant buy
sandtree's avatar
This is my Fav.
I like how this is not something that looks way to icky like to see that it is pure evile but also not something you would trust-more something inbetween
Pashta's avatar
Raid boss.. I can think of many tricks to this fight :)
SerpentScorch's avatar
This one's my favorite so far, really nice work!
justsomeoneunspecial's avatar
very good idea of combining two different perspectives of the guy in one painting! love it
TheKiller7's avatar
They're twin guardians? I think you're the only one with this idea over here, maybe they love it.

And btw, I like the design of this guys.
Zureul's avatar
Thank you! Its not twin guardian rather I made a concept model sheet for the 3D modeller to get the concept. Its the front and back view.
TheKiller7's avatar
Aaaah, well, somehow I think it will be a cool idea, sure anyone have though as any boss as twins, which is something common on some videogames.
ForeverZeroDragon's avatar
Looking really cool! Nice design :D
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