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Thor #5 splash page

By ZurdoM
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How has everyone been? Just wanted to share a splash page from the new Thor #5 book that I got the chance to do all the interiors for! It comes out February 11th! Here's a peak at the note marvel.com/comics/issue/52816/…
Make sure to pick up your copy! Hope everyone likes it!
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That's one brilliant work! Damn so powerful!!
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Love the wrecking crew...
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wait, so what happens when Creel touches Mjolnir? :O
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If you watched Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you'd know lol.
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Ahh~ I love this~ <3
Their pose really gets me anticipating their ground-breaking clash~
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Wonderful artwork, though I sadly can't say much for the comic itself. But hey, you can't win em' all I guess.
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This deviant is using your art without crediting you, it's not posted as the deviants' own art and it's not actually this exact artowrk; maybe he/she did ask you for permission but still, here's the page in case you didn't know about it: tompreston.deviantart.com/art/…
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Awesome, great work :)
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I was so impressed by the art this entire issue. Great job.
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Needs more Thor.
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thor is in a really cool pose there! if i was on the scene, i'd be taking the money...XP
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the dude chillin readin a newspaper in the background like "another day in NY..."  cracks me up
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You definitely have a great sense of kinetic action. Great work.
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Awesome style!
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very good.
You would just lineart this?
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awesome work when did thor face the absorbing them
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Oooh yes please!
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beasting it, dude!
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Finally something decent on this godforsaken website. Thanks for sharing.
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Ey, don't insult dA. What for?
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I know you are being polite, but you know what I'm talking about (pink and blue unicorn horses, puppy love-inspired tripe, and anatomically inaccurate buxom dragon slaying winches, to name but a few.). Such utter crap.
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