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May the fourth be with you!
Here's another look at the new elite Storm Trooper character designs for Jason Aaron's new Star Wars arc.. These are after a few notes.. I'm very excited for everyone to see the final versions! Make sure to keep an eye out for them!
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I loved these guys!
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I read the new comic and I already love this team. Kudos for your designs!
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Quicj queastion: Who is Jason Aaron? I mean no disrespect, or rudeness this is just the first I heard of him, and these designs got me interested in his work f these are in it.
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I like the designs!
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A stormtrooper sniper? OMG. He can hit the ceiling right in the tile from a mile away @ u @
That's so cool, the Sarge has a Pip'boy. Hopefully that'll increase his aim. :P
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These are some really cool designs here. I could totally see these in a future Star Wars film. Keep up the good work mate :happybounce: 
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I saw these on Gizmodo, nice
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these would look great in a videogame
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Design win on this!
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Easy visual identification of squad leaders is bad form. It makes them vulnerable to being sniped.
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but in any media, it is better that an upper ranked and, more importantly, faceless goon be easily identifiable to the viewer.
afterall, being a leader of troops in fiction make said leader stronger in the narrative.
if a leader cannot be discerned from the common mook, then that make him as easily dispatched as them in one fell swoop.
meanwhile being easily identified as leader makes them hardier.

also, being a leader gives them more chance to have character while being a mook leaves them... faceless and unimportant, baring exceptions.

so the equation is :
if leader=mook, then leader=weak

its the rule of any media
of course, this has nothing to do with reality
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I love the robotic arm part
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Great to see some formidable looking Storm Troopers! They all look very practical. I love the little detail of how scuffed and worn the Scout and Sniper are compared to Sarge. 
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