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May the fourth be with you!
Hi all! Here's a look at the first draft for the new elite Storm Trooper character designs for Jason Aaron's new Star Wars arc. I'm very excited to be a part of this project and am loving Jason's take on the story! Hope everyone loves it!
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Actually some of this specialised Storm Troopers you can find them in the original Battlefront games, like the Bazooka and the pilot, never the less, great designs never the less, most of the time I don't give a shit about the Original Timeline because is simplistic and dull,  the best time in the Original Timeline in the Expanded Universe was when the Empire fell and the Great Moffs began to fight with each other and the New Republic.
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These and your others are very cool.  I used to play in aStar Wars Role Playing Campaign set in the Clone Wars.  My Character was General Korso Mourningstar Jedi Knight.  He was in command of an ARC Trooper Recon Team "Wraith Six": Lt Cmdr Spartan, Reaper, Barrett, Glitch, Claymore, Gatlin, and Icarus.  I was amazed when I saw your Stormtrooper art, and how much they epitomized my former Clonetrooper NPCs.
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Hi! May the Force be with you.
Which story arc is this that you a re a part of?
Are these comics or animated tv shows? 
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These guys look like awesome bounty hunters.
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like the scout's version too :) 
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That scout design is great!
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Love the one in the middle, looks like a mixture of punisher and a storm trooper.
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A lot better than seeing the new stormies in my opinion.  Awesome work right there!
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And they all have the same bad aim! SCNR ;) May the fourth be with you!
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A bit too modern but not bad
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Storm Recon: Future Trooper
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Excellent! I love your style :)
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