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January 19, 2014
Piltover Popo by chisuuKei
Featured by Ry-Spirit
Suggested by Neririn
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[LoL] Piltover Popo

    EDIT// Sorry if this pops up in your watch again, but because it's a popular request I've uploaded a higher-res version to download so you can enjoy it as a desktop background. Now you'll see all the sketchy messy paintwork that's missed in a resize, hahaha.. For the 1080p crop please grab from here… and THANK YOU FOR THE DAILY DEVIATION 8//m//8 PEACE

Officer! Cait, Vi and Jinx reporting for duty.. the Piltover trio should be a set, y/y?
Also, Caitlyn questions the authenticity of Vi's driving license.

I was inspired by… and had this hover car scene stuck in my head.. and watched the Fifth Element while painting for nostalgia and kicks (;
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DraginKYle44's avatar
Yes and awesome 
I love all 3 of them 
Team ,,Police,, xD
OrekiGenya's avatar
Really love your style !! lovely !! 
Ericswoboda's avatar
Storytelling game huge
Card-shark's avatar
Caitlyn: "Vi, Remind me again why I let you talk me into this?"
Vi: "Well it was ether have her join the force to try and reform her or send her to jail where she'd most likely break out."
Caitlyn: "I think it was easier trying to catch her, and I'm double checking your license when we get back."
Jinx: "Who know blowing up robots from Zaun would be this fun?! Who's a good robot destroyer? That's right it's you fishbones."
LittlePainappuru's avatar
great jOB MATE!
especially jinx's expression & pose and those highlights created by the fire are NEATO
BobaFettOG's avatar
PepeMonst3r's avatar
I think he is a troll xD
BravoDefeated's avatar
mate no 1 caresxd
Arimez's avatar
This is freaking AWESOME SAUCE... La la la la 
kaze26's avatar
*insert thug life song here*
CigarGorilla's avatar
Nice, I'm about to learn jungle soon and Vi looks very fun. 
Ezktasy's avatar
Love the composition
hanf76's avatar
very cool composition
ChopChopHackChop's avatar
Love this! The painting is so so loose but conveys so much emotion, amazing.
Would love to see this as an animation to a song, such as Sabotage. Excellent art skills on this, Zuqling.
jonadiah's avatar
All I can say is:
Awesome! I love it!
shadamy20's avatar
I really love this
Anazarel119's avatar
Love it!! You got the characters right on the spot!
Necaraphiliac's avatar
I want to buy this as a print! How much would you charge?
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