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Hello there and happy Friday! :dummy: Welcome to the 22nd Edition of my 'Give Us Attention' feature articles. :party:

Ah, another week went by. Gotta love Fridays, especially Friday Evenings. :la: And again, this week is filled with AMAZING deviations waiting for your love! :love:

What the heck is this News Article about?
This small series of articles present you with works that, in my opinion and I hope you agree with me, deserve more attention! If you'd like to suggest works that, in your opinion, deserve more attention and exposure, please do send me a note or post your suggestions on my journal or even here! You can suggest your own works or other deviant's works.

Share the word!
If you enjoyed these edition's featured deviations and artists, don't forget to :+fav: their works and this article so more deviants can come across them! Oh, and make sure you check the past editions of this series! (links can be found in the end of this page)

And now, behold the featured deviations! :eager: Yay!

D E V I A N T - O F - T H E - W E E K :party:
wondering by mohdfikree just fly, no one will hurt you by mohdfikree when the rain ends by mohdfikree quiet song by mohdfikree heavenly day by mohdfikree

D E V I A T I O N S :eager:

Traditional Art :la:
The Little Prince by DanielGrzeszkiewicz Altergot by sinyagina Birds Themselves by LauraTringaliHolmes desert tree by domsolnca:thumb201320645:
Sky trip by Vasylissa 08 - From Ernesto by truonggiang-kts:thumb197676065::thumb201938424::thumb201433835:
Salt by mayple Four by KStipetic:thumb166872299: Happy Place. by owlink
FANTASY X by KLSADAKO MOLESKINE 3 by javierGpacheco Barrows Rejoice by n00brevolution Free Yourself by Loonaki Necrophidius creation by Delhar
:thumb201436696: Ma voiture. by Camelia-07 kyo by louisepei:thumb201282807: Deus ex Machina by s-caruso
Monster Home by goosezilla:thumb201222925::thumb71567601: Cold Night by AlinQuilz Metting by estivador
Know Your Fate by PolarisAstrum Doze off by Runner444 NightBird by neverman Nysa-Bracka by GreeGW
Rodent by hesxmyxEDO Angora by akitamonster Symone Splash Page by bluealaris Music by JesterHikaru A Pound Within The Paraffin by kolaboy
:thumb201543117::thumb201630251: Castle by T-U-L-P:thumb201475589: Set them free by T-U-L-P
inocence by ArielKidSan:thumb201907015: Life is but a Dream by DeverelDraws:thumb201518501:

Digital Art :la:
Karma Chameleon by emilieleger at arms length by DESEO-ONE:thumb201207359::thumb201287555::thumb201292624:
:thumb201762896::thumb201083939: Among the Waterlilies by MegDoll Grunge Dead Girl--Finished by PrettyGore Feel so... by L0UDST
:thumb201772418: Dreaming by branka42 Love and Hope by lilsuika Serene by Raekre:thumb201246609:
:thumb201668926: Le Ciel Est Ma Toile by ButterscotchSundae:thumb201338947: Miss Mischief by nosredna1313 Steampunk Pegasus by Nafah
an elephant never forgets by raps0n fly- by Jungshan Red sun T_T by Pyroow Transcend by mathiole:thumb202006362:
juniper by Desdemonia:thumb201444224: Travel by masateru The Sunchild: DA PROPHECY by cbernie Time and Me by mettyori
you gotta JUMP by PascalCampion Good Old Times by Yorc Red Queen by celadus Deep in forests where they cry by Rococospade StoryTelling by ZestyDoesThings
singing by piaoliudefive Polar Bear Exhibit by Atlantistel dream weaver by libelle:thumb202205022: Terrarium by Skipyau
Ruti'n by Fieryght:thumb201677903: La Vague by romain-couleur Cosy by darekzabrocki Old cargo ships by DigitalHyperGFX
Stigma by Andoledius The Edenbird Hive by Kyendo Untitled 14 by afromation letako-sheng 2 by Miyu-Tou Bubbles by paperpixy

Photography :la:

Happiness is easy. by Pomalujmojswiat moonwalk by pulmer MK22 by MaraOz unimpeded love by mustafakucuk The Adventurer by Gerry-And-Me
Wade In Water by epione .The south the rainy season by lwc71 Urban Tale by simoneheld B-T by JerryGetter:thumb201535696:
:thumb200124357::thumb198021320: Sushi Chefs by bQw calm by howpin getting ready by radicszoltan
Red by 4lexandr0s the key by Lisa-Schneider half-moon mist by incolorwetrust alone by tuminka:thumb201896750:
La Melancolie by Aijoku untitled by damien-c-photography wasted fairytale by kriselt:thumb201386988: Sourde chute. by Feelonia
iodine sky by ultramaryna Dimanche. by Feelonia 23 by 0th3rside Spheres by ankazhuravleva fallen from the sky by Crazy-retro
Call Me When You're Sober by BurninUp ingestion by GZB 1138. by ForgottonPhotography The Fisherman by Sonia-Rebelo a nail by InjectedSmiles
What do you have there? by DrOfPhotography:thumb201504508: Fog Vosgean by julie-rc:thumb201930310: the silence by NuSunt
:thumb202130482: dance with Gulls by reberk:thumb201809279: Beneath the Stars by 0ls childish inhibitions. by Cheyanne-Stinson
:thumb201775141: Waiting by HONEST-STYLE Hitchcock Tribute by JoseMelim Les Autres by phantomderlust Footprints in the Sand .. by Bi-182

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:iconzungzwang: zungzwang signing out. Have a nice week! :peace:
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thankyou for the feature (:
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Thank you very much.
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Aww .. MUito Obrigadoo ! <3
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thank you so much for including me alongside such wonderful imagery :)
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Can my friends be featured please? [link] and [link]
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Thank you!
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
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These people are freaking amazing. Thank you so much for featuring me with them ;A;
maybe you can find answers here:
=== [link] ===
=== [link] ===
=== [link] ===
=== [link] ===
maybe you can find answers here:
=== [link] ===
=== [link] ===
=== [link] ===
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Thanks you soooo much... i'm honored to find my self in this wonderful feature :tighthug:
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wonderful selection!
thanks for including my piece (:
glad you like it! :heart:
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Thanks for the feature. I really appreciated seeing my picture among such a beautiful sellection of art.
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Thank you for this feature! : D
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AMAZING I will Pimp this in my Saturday feature article today =D
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Thanks so much Derzy! :glomp:
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great selections.
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Thanks for the feature!
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Thank you very much for the feature! :D
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