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By zungzwang
Hello there and happy Tuesday! :dummy: Welcome to the 17th Edition of my 'Give Us Attention' feature articles. :party:

It's been a month since I posted the last edition. So sorry, my life's been swamped with work and all that jazz. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article! :)

What the heck is this News Article about?
This small series of articles present you with works that, in my opinion and I hope you agree with me, deserve more attention! If you'd like to suggest works that, in your opinion, deserve more attention and exposure, please do send me a note or post your suggestions on my journal or even here! You can suggest your own works or other deviant's works.

Share the word!
If you enjoyed these edition's featured deviations and artists, don't forget to :+fav: their works and this article so more deviants can come across them! Oh, and make sure you check the past editions of this series! (links can be found in the end of this page)

And now, behold the featured deviations! :eager: Yay!

D E V I A T I O N S :eager:

Traditional Art :la:
:thumb189213190::thumb190480787: Old friend by Wursu Triple Self Portrait by Abacura moleskine cover by kayshasiemens
Troll by kalamu aattoilta by moussee A Moment's Rest by SethFitts Ulvene by kalamu Suspension by kellymckernan
The Splash by RedgoldsparksPress My Complexity by rhuu Maidenhair tree by efira-japan Relaxation by Khazaa
:thumb191303806: I provide my own weather by MattiasA Galaxy by nguyenshishi Climbing by perodog Hitori:Hey there by Rhapsodii-kun
He Who Sings to Shipwrecks by kolaboy The girl by BeatrizMartinVidal Morning inspiration by Moonshen Rapunzel by DariaAzolina Hawk of Achill by mariyaolshevska
:thumb188711939: Vickybunnyangel Trinity Blood by BuffaloChips Compromise by somefield sword'wo'man by depinz Gilded Cage by HeartGear
+ Totoro Umbrella + by BellaRosie:thumb194829995: Dream of The Unicorn by INDRIKoff Ichor by bluealaris Snow Cendre and Faust by 0KiWi0
Beside you by wantou Angel by hyamei ::Alice journey:: by meisan letters by BeatrizMartinVidal young swan by Vincik
Dance on the Wind by yaamas Linmiri's garden by ramonpp:thumb192969167::thumb196281876: The cat and the crow by Moonshen
Dandelion by MaryIL Spider Webs by Loonaki Rabbit: Crescent Phase by SethFitts Reading poetry by reminisense vintage turtle by girlfriday82

Digital Art :la:
lunapark dreams by KalbiCamdan The Grandpa Tales by theSong dandelion clock by schmoedraws Call Me Call Me by Starshrouded Bonny by Vayne17
:thumb190191132: Open your mind by zabuka-art L'apathie et la monogamie by alterlier
:thumb190476969: wired: jukebox by strongstuff Pukayo xmas by kasai Katzenjammer by GorosArt Zephyra Aveision by shideh
Twisted - v. 2011 by diegoidef - Caged I - by Doria-Plume Up to sky by arucarrd:thumb190463266: The Escape from Apartment 1A by robotnicc
AGUA by SaiFongJunFan:thumb190031213: Am still ALIVE by loojeen On the edge by Alshain4 No way out by Sayuri1314
over hill and dale by night... by Izaskun ShareOnePlanet by Victorior Sic Transit Gloria by contraomnes :Mi and Yu: by martinhoulden Senseless Escape by ElConsigliere
never follow spooky by hummingvoids Rainy days by beyondthechuch The Belly Flame by 3mmI Here You Are by djajakarta Quetzalcoatl by GaryckArntzen
A Fresh Breeze by depingo:thumb193437658: Ppparrot by BOBBb12345 Luna and Yuri by E09ETM Halflings of Golarion by Belibr
:thumb196141986: PHENEX::Jump by ren-s:thumb193834109: Dororo by Jungshan Quiet water by Mezamero
Zephirine by senyphine The Nautilus Lamp by caydett Keeper of the Ocean by SilentPlea:thumb195839981::thumb193659439:

Photography :la:

the players by m-lucia The flowers you gave me.. by Lukreszja:thumb195104862: Flying feathers by Lionique:thumb193110682:
:thumb194470995: Tranquility by Spinewinder Remember by RAlexanderTrejo Travelling For by solefield
:thumb194169752::thumb194596556::thumb196417960: :: Withered Shades -IV- :: by nexion Universal Energy II by FramedByNature
:thumb196172269: On His Way by nairafee Out of Place by hougaard Not forever by rami777:thumb194834645:
Looking out for you by mcbadshoes Psarantonis, Cretan Musician by Piddling :Like a fairy tale: by BlueColoursOfNature Sunday Afternoon by Chinacomplex Ballade lyonnaise by Orioto
Hochwasser by fal-name Mirror by JacquelinePHOTO:thumb196525777: Twitter by faisalh Haunting by EliseEnchanted
B C H by estellamestella Black Sails in the Woods by Vrohi lost in the ocean. .. by light-from-Emirates:thumb192909466: small defence by Chaerul-Umam
-15- by y5y6 ferris wheel silhouette by xthumbtakx The Vanishing by mehrmeer Queen of here and there by AlexandraSophie fisherman.. by MustafaDedeogLu
:thumb193034084: despair.......... by VaggelisFragiadakis:thumb193067875::thumb194704950::thumb193065985:
Golden Sea by BlackJack0919 Past melodies by jackanzahs moments of stillness by A-l-a-s-s-e-a The taste of winter by k-fer scene1 by k-fer

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:iconzungzwang: zungzwang signing out. :highfive: Have a nice week! :aww:
© 2011 - 2021 zungzwang
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Thank you so much for featuring me ;] i'm sorry it had taken me so long to reply, i had exams at my univercity ;X
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wow~! I'm honored! Thank you so much for the Feature~:eyes:
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Thanks for the feature : )
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Thanks for the feature! Great job on the article :)
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I appreciate it a lot, thanks! Beautiful artworks here!
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thank you so much!:heart:
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Thank you for the feature! gosh I'm faving alot of these~~ :heart::la: spectacular choices~!
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I love the 'traditional art' part of this!:heart:
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I'm really glad you do! :hug:
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Congrats to all the people getting recognized for their art.
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Hello !RitzyKat

You're fucked. You're fat, ugly, stupid, and a terrible artist, and you know it. You'll never be beautiful, no matter how much you starve yourself, no matter how much face cream you use. It's hopeless, just like your chances of a future.

I mean, you can't even get people on the internet to like you. What kind of person is that? Nothing. Because you are nothing, just like the pathetically hideous body you try to hide from the world. You piss and moan and whine because you know you're a horrible human being that doesn't deserve to live another day in this world. You know this. You have no beauty, no skills, no talent. You won't develop them, you don't even try, because you're too pathetic to do so.

Why do you even try any more? Why bother with this? You're just making yourself look even stupider by degrees, and proving that inside you are every bit as ugly inside as you are outside. There isn't anything you can do right. What could you ever do right? You love your Sonny, but he is a fucking ugly figment of your imagination that you can't even begin to make aesthetically pleasing. Even your sense of beauty is warped and hideous.

There is no hope for you, Ritzy. You will never have any friends, you will never be famous, you will never be beautiful, and you will never be able to make a name for yourself.

You are a fool with no hope.

They'll never recognize YOU.

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Thank YOU for viewing this article! :hug:
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Thank you very much!!
I'm really honored to join such a fantastic feature!
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oh mutisimo obrigada pela feature Pedro. o q estas fazendo por outros artistas é lindo, apreciei muito o detalhe e sinto-me privilegiada ! :heart: obrigada mesmo :love:
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