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The Starcatcher's Dream


The Starcatcher.

"Every night before I fall asleep
I look out of my window and always see
A shadow sitting in the moon
With a fishing rod and wizard hat
I swear he is catching the stars
Why would someone do that?
from The Starcatcher story by Pedro Oliveira

You can read the complete story HERE!

Please do not steal, use or distribute my characters or my story!
All rights reserved.
(c) Pedro Oliveira
Story and Artwork by me.

However, feel free to share it, always giving credit to me! :aww:

Credits: :heart:
Boy: [link] by =Tigg-stock
Star Brushes [link] by ~ki-cek
Clouds [link] by ~Ryoku15
Hat [link] by ~chop-stock
Paper Skies: [link] by `Princess-of-Shadows
Additional Texture [link] by ~Geek-Stock
Additional Texture II [link] by *phatpuppy
Used Photoshop 7.0 brushes for further manipulation!

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Hello xpedro0, you responded to my forum post and asked me to critique this piece for you, so here goes.

Wow, this is really amazing. It's like a mixture of Disney and DreamWorks. I love the poem that inspired this art because I am a firm believer in dreaming and then making that fantasy a reality. Sad how some people give up on their own dreams and try to destroy others hopes.

The stars, and then the moon stand out the most, which gives the character that much more visibility. I wish you would have put an angel in there somewhere waiting for the Starcatcher to throw one her way.

The hidden meaning behind this artwork is that "Dreams Do Come True" *wink*wink*

You would get that joke if you ever read my signature, or tagline.

The only think I think could use some work is the star dust around the stars. The way it looks now doesn't look magical, here is a link to some stardust i created: [link]

See the hair on the left, how there is one major star and then dust all around it? That would have been nice here.

Your work is very balanced, great contrast, lovely colors, and a modern style, which makes this work aesthetic.

I hope this helps, thank you for sharing, we hope to see more from you soon.
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Thank you so much, mr. method. I really really appreciate it. :aww:

One of my next illustrations for that little poem story I wrote is going to be the delivery of the stars to an angel, ahah!

Again, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. It really was helpful and I might go play around with the stars' dust to see what comes up!

Thank you, thank you. :peace:
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Yes! I am glad I inspired you to revisit the stardust ;)

I can't wait to see the delivery of the star to an angel.

A BIG trend in art that I am just getting into, is paneled art. Like 3 or 4 panels in a comic expressing the title idea. Maybe since you do multiple pieces related, you can create a comic panel out of them.
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Ohh, that might be interesting! I was actually thinking of creating an animated 'story' (have you seen Knite? Something along those lines) with all the illustrations. But it will take a while to create all those illustrations.

But that panelled art idea seems interesting too. Something to explore! :D
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yes animation is a fulltime job. it takes 8 hours a day for 6 days to create a 25 minute cartoon. so...

i am going to do paneled art for now
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A beautifully coloured picture ~ :iconlovebearplz:
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What a great piece of artwork! I :love: it!:clap::heart:
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what a delightful picture! :-)
forty-two-point-five's avatar
Super cute illustration! :clap:
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aw this is very nice. i like the fishing line idea and i also love how you did the stars. nice textures used
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I like the assemblage/collage look to a digital piece.
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How cute! It's so dreamy!
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Oww, how beautiful! :love: And the poem (?) is so sweet too! I'm definitely gonna read the story :D
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This is really beautiful! I'll admit, it reminded me of Dreamworks when I first saw it :3 Although I love how it looks like it would fit in a storybook or on the wallpaper of a kid's room. Great work :)
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Very beautiful and cute!:aww:
It looks so dreamy, i love that.^^
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Hey there :wave:
This is a standard message to let you know you have been featured in the "Best of... weekly photomanip features #183 " news article [link] .
I would really appreciate it if you didn't reply here, but posted a comment on the news article instead or contacted the person that chose your work to be featured.
Thank you and keep up the good work!
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I've never seen a picture like this before, the style is so unique and beautiful. It's simple but it leaves a good impression. I love the textured feel of it and how much the boy stands out too. The shadow in the moon is a nice twist aswell.
Great work, I love it. =D
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Thank you so much, Hitomi! :hug:
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Adorable! This would be super cute in a children's bedroom!
zungzwang's avatar
Thanks so much! :aww:
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Very nice, I like this! :D
zungzwang's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
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