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The Starcatcher


The Starcatcher.

"Every night before I fall asleep
I look out of my window and always see
A shadow sitting in the moon
With a fishing rod and wizard hat
I swear he is catching the stars
Why would someone do that?
from The Starcatcher story by Pedro Oliveira

You can read the complete story HERE!

Please do not steal, use or distribute my characters or my story!
All rights reserved.
(c) Pedro Oliveira
Story and Artwork by me.

Credits: :heart:
Boy: by Random-Acts-Stock
Star Brushes by ki-cek
Clouds… by Ryoku15
Hat by chop-stock
Paper Skies: princess-of-shadows.deviantart… by Princess-of-Shadows
Additional Texture… by Geek-Stock
Additional Texture II… by phatpuppy
Used Photoshop 7.0 brushes for further manipulation!

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Koyzumie's avatar
very cute, love the use of blues to create the sky, very pretty.
73monsta's avatar
AnnaMariaBarfoed's avatar
Hello :) Would it be okay, if I maybe use this for my book? It´s  okay if not :)
YongL's avatar
lucas420's avatar
so so gorgeous.
caramelli91's avatar
graphic-rusty's avatar
i love your style, so soft and dreamlike :)
DeviousWitch's avatar
Beautiful pic, lovely, dreamy colors, fit perfectly to poem :love:
InuHalfDemon's avatar
Your so imaginative! What a lovely manip!
maldonka's avatar
adorable illustration, it takes me back to my childhood :)
monarxy's avatar
from when is this? i remember that i had this kind of poster in my childhood, either exactly or nearly the same...
Margot-L's avatar
This is great ! Very beautiful and poetic. Love it !
Kurusuki's avatar
The concept is simple, but the realisation is so much talented,
But i don t know why is it in photomanipulation folder, i mean you have not taken a real photo then edit it, it is more in paintbrush & airbrushing :o
xhunter924's avatar
KristiinaKask's avatar
Looks like a painting, which is a good thing tho.
The conception and idea are nice.
Keep it up.
Emperor-WildRose's avatar
Beautiful in its simplicity. I love this!
MyChibiKitsune's avatar
this is adorable :3
Toakui's avatar
I love the reflection on the moon, this is a very nice drawing.
Vorwerg81's avatar
very cute pice and a great work!
theirishbronyx's avatar
kind of looks like the Dreamworks logo.

Very good
Ray-of-Afterlife's avatar
awesomeness :D very nice and cute piece of art :D
Hemispheree's avatar
You've done an amazing work with the choice of color.
I think it's really cute. The only think I feel doesn't fit in is the character's shadow on the moon.
SubbDogg's avatar
The concept is really nice, only thing bugging me is the shadow. Yes... the shadow. It looks... off. I don't know how to really make it better. So you could just keep it like that, but for me it looks a bit off. Nice work anyways :)
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