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The Cloudmaker


The Cloudmaker

"He looks up and all he sees
Clear grey skies and pale blue trees
No clouds in sight, 'This can't be right!'
The sun shines bright, the world is white."

Please do not steal, use or distribute my characters or my story! 
All rights reserved.
(c) Pedro Oliveira
Story and Artwork by me.

Credits: :heart:
Silhouette based on: by DemoncherryStock
Clouds… by Ryoku15
Building design based on :
- by sundstorm
-  Window Frames by Stock-By-Crystal

Tiles based on…
Additional Texture… by Geek-Stock
Used Photoshop for further painting and brushing.

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Amazing! :iconyay: Love your work! 
froggycomics's avatar
Interesting work beautiful job
ErikShoemaker's avatar
this is a sweet work! Btw: I noticed you used some stocks (today, just wanted to let you know that the owners once made a statement that they actually don't allow the use of their images in manipulations (that was a couple of years ago).
zungzwang's avatar
I decided to change the roof stock from the late with a new one to avoid any possible future complications! Thanks for the heads up again, Erik!
ErikShoemaker's avatar
I haven't heard of any case where someone actually complained, but it's probably better that way. :nod: Glad I could help!
zungzwang's avatar
Thank you! Yeah someone told me so the other day as well, quite unfortunate. However, I did download these around 4 years ago so I might contact the owners to see if they allow me to use on previously created works! That or just use another rooftop stock :giggle:
la-Structure-du-Ciel's avatar
So nice! I love it. 
I wonder what he is thinking about ^^
zungzwang's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
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sakpalamey's avatar
Setting is like that blue man group song.
zungzwang's avatar
Which one? I'm curious now! :giggle:
indigoatmosphere's avatar
Nice work! Love the simplicity. :+fav:
zungzwang's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug:
W-H-E-A-T's avatar
beautiful idea, very creative ;}
zungzwang's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
W-H-E-A-T's avatar
your welcome {;
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