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July 27, 2012
The Boy Who Lit The Stars by *zungzwang
Featured by Aeirmid
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The Boy Who Lit The Stars


Silhouettes of the Soul: The Boy Who Lit The Stars

Millions of lights across the night.

Hope you like it! Trying out this new style. :love:

Please do not steal, use or distribute my characters or my story!
All rights reserved.
(c) Pedro Oliveira .

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Credits: :heart:
Boy: by DemoncherryStock
Light Bulbs… by UffeJakobsen
Buildings (background) by sun_skrit from
Ladder by satty4u from sxc-hu
Additional Texture II by asunder
Additional Texture II… by Geek-Stock
Fingerprint brushes by chain
Moon by me.
Used Photoshop 7.0 brushes for further manipulation!

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© 2012 - 2021 zungzwang
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Technique
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I gazed at the twenty-plus works of art that were in my inbox. Some I just deleted, some I commented on. This piece was different. It wasn't like any of the other pieces in my inbox, so it caught my eye. I loaded the page and I looked down and saw it was open for critique...

My favorite thing about this wonderful work of art is how imaginative it is. The little boy in such a big wide world really creates that "I can do anything" feeling you had as a little kid. It brings back memories, and it makes the art more personal. You can connect to it. The theme adds more meaning than just the image you see.

The way the image was done is really unique. The spots on the picture create a film grain effect, and hints that maybe the art displays something in the past, like a faded photograph or memory. I love the cartoonish style, as it reinforces the fact that this displays a time of childhood. The uneven bench, silhouetted objects, and hand print on the moon, really add to the cartoony feeling.

The way the boy is reaching up, the big city appearing small compared to the boy, and the hand print on the moon, all create the aforementioned "I can do anything" theme. It makes the boy seem bigger than he is; larger than life. But all of this, combined with the art's style, still don't make it over the top. The art is balanced very well, using two main tones to display the art. It works really well. Since everything has been silhouetted, it almost allows to put yourself in the place of the boy, again making the art more personal.

When I look at the piece, I think of Woody's (from Toy Story) saying, "Reach for the sky!". With the boy's arm upward almost touching the moon, and the lights in the sky, it adds to that saying that everyone tells you as a little kid- "You can do anything you put your mind to!".

My complaints- the area at the bottom looks a little too plain compared to the rest of the art. This is a small nitpick, but I'd say that would be the area that could be improved the most upon. Also, I might go a tiny bit less on the film grain.

This is definitely one of my favorite works of art, period. I love the theme of it, as well as the visual. Very well done, zungzwang!
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Oh wow, definitely one of the best critique I've ever received! How can I possibly thank you? :heart:

I really appreciate you taking the time to type such thoughtful words about one of my pieces. I'm overjoyed for the fact that this piece has taken your imagination to a childhood scenery and that reminded you of the 'I can do anything' theme.

I'm more than thankful for your in-depth analysis of this work (which, by the way, is definitely one of my favourites works I've ever created - and trust me, I'm usually not 100% proud of my works!).

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

I'd love to send you a print of this piece, if you'd like me to do so, of course!
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I'm glad you liked it! :) It's always nice to see good feedback on my critiques! Thank you for making such a wonderful piece to critique! :D

And I'd love a print! :love:
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You're too kind, really! :aww:

Aweosme, I'll be more than happy to send you one! :la: You only need to add it to your dA's wishlist and make sure you have the correct address to your house in your settings and i'll send it ASAP via dA. :D
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Your the one who offered to send a print! ;)

So I'm not seeing where to add my address in my settings. I see where I can add my zip code, but not my full address. :confused:
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Let me see!

Hmm, you need to go to your own wishlist and you sould see a grey rectangle on the top left-corner of the screen. There yuo can add/change your address. :aww:
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Ah, ok I see it. :thanks:

I went ahead and added it to my wishlist. Thank you so much! :D
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Alright, it has been sent! :D
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Ooooh!! I love your style!!! :o 
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Thank you so much! :aww:
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Great work! :iconmanipulatethis:  has the pleasure of adding this to our gallery Gallery 
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Great awesome good best.... These words cannot describe your art.
I Used it on my instagram with a link to this page.
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Thank you for your kind words and sharing my work. :hug:
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Simply stunning and amazing! :D I absolutely adore the concept! :) :heart:
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:wow: I love this so much, the concept is amazing! :love: Congrats on the DD, you deserve it!
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Hello, I just loved this art!
And I wanted your permission to turn it into a custom signature, is for a forum, I can give credit, but before that I need your permission!
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I used this title for a poem for #TheTitlePage here- [link] -and linked it back to you. Thanks!
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Great ,, gonna use it would you mind ?
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