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Jingle Chains 2018  by Zungur
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New Girls 13: A Close Shave by Zungur
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New Girls 12: The Demands of Fashion by Zungur
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Latisha in Fur new by Zungur
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Latisha in Fur by Zungur
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New Girls 11: Soothing by Zungur
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Ally 2a by Zungur
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New Girls 10: Where there is a Cane ... by Zungur
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Amira by Zungur
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Topless on the Cross by BenBec79
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Photograph 190112.4781 Maia by tastethewine
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New Girls 16: No Bed but Breakfast

The night was much too short for the new girls and as they opened their eyes the cold touch of their iron chains confirmed that what they had experienced was not a bad dream. Four and Three started to cry about their misery, while Five just stared in desperation. Six had been the last to keep the fire burning, but even before her time was up One and Two arose. They both washed quickly, combed their hair and checked each others appearance, because they wanted to look nice when the master came to unlock their chains.

‘First take care about the oxen, then feed the slaves’, he ordered, ‘I’ll hobble them and they have some time to get clean, before you line them up and we get going’.

As the new girls greedily devoured their miserable breakfast they were surprised to see that both One and Two used the time for a short workout of stretching, push-ups and the like.

When they came to tie the new girls hands before the man removed the shackles on their ankles Six dared to ask:

‘Are you not exhausted enough from the walk?’

‘A bit of walking is not enough to stay in shape’ One replied, ‘and which master would want to buy a pudgy, fat slave?’

‘This sounds as if you wish to be bought!’ Four said, eyes wide in disbelieve.

‘We all will be bought, stupid, and nobody cares about what we might wish. But I don’t want to be sold off for some coins to a shithole of a farmer’s village, to a mine or to one of the workhouses. So I will do whatever I can to look nice and attractive to a rich master or mistress.’

Still they were fantasising about escape or rescue from their captivity, but this short conversation gave a lot of food for thought for the girls as they trudged along their way to an unknown destination.


I lost several pages of the New Girls story.
I could swear I saved everything.
Well, so I will have fun writing it a second time ...
New Girls 15: A Slave Girl's Needs

As night fell the little camp turned quiet. The girls were firmly chained to the cart and Three anxiously guarded the flames, nervously staring into the shadows. The other new girls had fallen into an almost comatose sleep, only Five sighed and twisted from time to time, because her backside was hurting. Not so One and Two. As soon as One was returned to the cart and chained like the others, Two had started to beg and plead that she should join her underneath the cart. One had readily complied and the little noises, the soft moaning and heavy breathing proved that they were eagerly kissing and caressing, trying to satisfy a desire that seemed much more demanding for them, than the need for sleep. Three shook her head in disbelieve because she herself was dead tired. She wondered what made these girls so fascinating. So powerful in their desire, but perfectly helpless and obedient in awe of their master.

‘Maybe,’ she thought, ‘it is because they are not pretending. Not pretending anything at all. They are just what they are: slave girls. And they seem to be perfect slaves.’

Three touched the cold metal of her collar and a shiver ran through her body. A thought kept creeping into her mind, no matter how much she tried to brush it away:

‘Didn’t I always wish I could stop pretending?’

Anja 01

Montana Smith, the evil archaeologist, intended to raid the lost cities deep in the jungle and rob their hidden treasures. He knew well that Mighty Anja was the main obstacle for his vile plans because she guarded this part of the jungle and all the creatures living there.

When she fell into one of his cunningly devised traps he approached with a lecherous grin on his face. Fearing her power he did not dare to come close but instead he pointed a dart gun at her and pulled the trigger.

When she awoke, she felt her hands stretched above her head, firmly tied with thick lianas. Her feet also were secured to hold her spread-eagled between two huge trees. A strange kind of tugging on her breasts caught her attention and she hissed with anger to see how the evil man tortured even innocent little birds for his hideous plans.

Then she hear him approach. There was nothing she could do to stop his sticky hands from moving all over her body. She sensed his hot breath on her neck and with disgust felt how he pressed his body tightly to her backside.

Will she be able to escape this dangerous situation?

Will she succeed in freeing the little bird?

Will she manage to save cultural heritage from being looted?

And is his fly zip open or not???

I still do no commisions, because accepting money would spoil the fun for me.
But I'm always open to inspiration.
When Jungle-Queen… contacted me I was very much inspired.
I hope she likes the picture and you do so as well.

Before I start with the ‘New Girls’ allow me to explain that the story about this story goes way back. When I was in my early teens I spotted a science fiction pulp book in a shop window with a cover that literally struck me like lightning. It was this book…

As I know now, the cover was created by an artist named Johnny Bruck (maybe My-Rho knows it).

It was some kind of revelation that told me: ‘hey, you really get off on cute girls in fancy barbarian dresses and bondage!’ This did not change as you can learn from my gallery J

I think I remember that scratched together all my pocket money, mustered all my courage and bought it. Well that was decades ago and I forgot all about it, until by pure chance I came across this same cover picture on the net.

I still like it and it inspired me to think about an own little story of a coffle of beautiful slave girls. And this was basically the beginning of the ‘New Girls’.


As some of you might already have noticed (my bet is on Kamerijk :) ), the faces and physical appearance of the girls is based on some stunning ladies, who blessed us with their pictures on the net during the last one and a half decades. While I change lighting, poses, facial expression, clothing if there is any, props, background and I don’t know what (and most probably my drawings are anyway not good enough to make them recognisable), still I want to thank them for sharing their ravishing beauty with us and dedicate this series as a tribute to them:









Dear visitors to this page,

As you can see, my drawings (I wouldn’t call it artwork) are dedicated to female beauty and submission.
As you might guess much of it is influenced by the writings of John Norman about the planet Gor. I read these books a long time ago and enjoyed them at this time. While I found the ideas of a ‘barbarian’ planet and sexual slavery, I did and do not care much about sweaty bodybuilder types wielding ridiculously big swords and the utter lack of irony and humour.
What was most appealing to me was the fact that the cute Gorean slave girls enjoyed their slavery and submission (as do quite a number of their sisters on planet earth as I found out ). Torture, pain and violence for its own sake actually should have no place in such a society.
What I like are beautiful girls in sexy outfits, sometimes bound and a lot of fancy sex.
Thus, I started to invent my own little stories based on Gor, but not quite Gor. And being the visual type I began to illustrate them.
Many of the pictures displayed here are very old indeed, from the time when I wrote the scripts for about 20 or 30 comic books. Because creating graphic novels is a tremendous amount of work (and I have to admit that don’t like work) I never really finished any one of them. Still the covers do exist, as well as some additional pictures, pages etc., which I hope are good enough to please not only me. All the pictures with a name in their title are part of these unfinished comics.
Later, for several years I was part of a German Gorean Chat community. I had great times there and met some truly nice and even more very interesting people. Some of the girls in the community needed avatars and I was glad to develop, together with them, the idea and appearance of their characters. Those are the pictures with numbers, because I feel the names do belong to the players of these characters.

I hope some of you will enjoy the pictures.
Comments, constructive criticism and the exchange of ideas are very welcome.


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OttoBindender Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018
Guten Rutsch!
Zungur Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2018
Auch von mir alle Gute für das Neue Jahr!
OttoBindender Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
Hallo! Schade, dass John Norman nicht mit Dir zusammenarbeitet. Ich habe ein paar Bücher gelesen und dachte mir immer "nette Idee, aber zu grob ausgearbeitet". Deine Bilder sind da irgendwie facettenreicher.
Zungur Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
Danke für das Lob.

Der gute Norman hat genug Geld verdient und wird sicher mit niemand zusammenarbeiten.
Außerdem gibt es ja genügend Epigonen, die sein Werk in ähnlich humorloser Weise und ganz dogmatisch fortführen.

Da erfinde ich lieber meine eigene Welt :)
OttoBindender Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2018
Wenn Du magst, kannst Du Dir ja mal auf meiner Seite "Slave Girls for Planet Gor" ansehen. Das ist zwar nur eine amateurhafte Puppen-Fotostory, aber dafür eher undogmatisch und, wie ich finde, durchaus mit ein wenig Humor.
Zungur Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2018
Aber gerne doch.

Ich sehe mit Interesse, dass du es auch auf dich nimmst in einer Fremdsprache zu publizieren.
Man hat's nicht leicht :)
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Danke für den llama-Austauschrun llamas run 
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thank you for the Llama jump 
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great album. very sensual pictures!
I have enjoyed them.
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