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Zummerfish's Artistic N Texture Brushes Vol2

By zummerfish
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FAQ: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai resourcesThis FAQ is intended to answer most frequent questions I get and tackle the common problems that users encounter. I no longer visit DA as often as I used to, so I'm going to put it forth from now on, so that you can get some help when I'm away. Here goes:
General FAQ
I'm getting .rar or zip file. Photoshop/Paint Tool Sai says that it can't open it.
The reason for this is that .rar or .zip files are not meant to be opened with any graphic editors. These are archive files, whose purpose is to compress file so that it takes less space and to facilitate downloading process. To get the contents of these files ("to extract"), you need to open them with corresponding software. For example WinRar, WinZip, 7Zip, PeaZip, etc. The extraction process is si

11 brushes for Photoshop CS series for various artistic and texturing effects. Can be used to imitate wet and dry media as well as used for blending/smudging purposes.  Brushes come with embedded settings for dynamics, transparency and color but you're welcome to play around. To get it, hit Download, unpack with Winzip/Winrar an drag&drop .abr file to Photoshop.

:bulletgreen: Credit is most appreciated (put : devzummerfish : without spaces in your description por favor!)
:bulletred: Do not sell, redistribute, claim as your own, etc.

See other brushes:

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Night Town Psd-Tutorial by zummerfish
© 2013 - 2021 zummerfish
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hey! I cant download, say is missing files, can you help me?

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Can you clarify, please? Is the browser giving you a missing page message OR is the .zip file saying that it can't be opened due to missing files?

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Thank you very much, thanks to a nice brush, I think I can produce a good result. You used it very well.

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Thanks so much :love:

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this one says it cant be found aswell as some others D:
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Can't be found what exactly? The download works for me in several browsers. Are you sure you are clicking the download button and not the preview?
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i DO xDDD i go to donwload were ir sais "zip donwload 5.1mb" and it then shows me that page were the deviantart mascot is looking for a folder or something

peraps its just me? in wich case then dont worry too much
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It's probably something on your end, cause the download starts for me without any problems 🤔. Maybe you should try opening the page in another browser?
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i did :c firefox, opera, safari and chrome.. XD it doesnt matter, still thanks a lot dear, your a sweetheart
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I love them, thank you!
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Thanks so much
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Way coolio...hank you so much!
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Thank you so much :) 
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Thank you so much, I love your brushes, I would have paid for them! Thanks so much!
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These are beautiful! Thank you!
These have been used here, and in a few other projects :)  fav.me/da0a0ji
Grace-love-kindness's avatar
Thank you so much for you great brush's.
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Amazing! Thank you for sharing :heart:
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Thanks so much for sharing! Used here:

Something's in the Woods by TouchofArtistry
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Awesome brushes, I will make sure to credit you when I use them!
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