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Muchas gracias!!!!

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AjatallaNew Deviant


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AutoAr7istHobbyist General Artist
Are there any settings for these brushes to have the best results?
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vaniapaivaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!:hug:
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Azrul97bioHobbyist Digital Artist
THANK YOU.......
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Thanks!!!!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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These are so cool. Thank you so much!
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delle-catStudent General Artist
These look great! Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you so much. I will always credit for all my work. Well could not get them to work in CS6 :(
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Penny-DragonProfessional General Artist
Damn. Photoshop opens the files but none of the settings are there, I just get blobby brushes. And abr mate wont work for these. 
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underpalaceProfessional Interface Designer
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thanks for sharing it<33 can I repost it to another website?
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you can post a link/thumbnail to brushes here, but no uploading offsite please :)
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SemiLexProfessional Digital Artist
Sweet! great set! should be more people like you! :dummy:
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NebrijaHobbyist General Artist
yay, this is awesome man :D thanks and I'll credit you if I'll use them in the future of course  : )
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Bulldoggenliebchen Digital Artist
good work
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francogarciaProfessional General Artist
Wow this is great! Thanks!
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ZiggymanProfessional General Artist
Let's give them a try. Thansk for sharing it.
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BoraDrawsProfessional Digital Artist
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HitotsumamiProfessional Digital Artist
Hey, great brushes here! Very useful, so thanks!
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ReanikHobbyist General Artist
these are pretty helpful, especially to digital artists, I personally don't use them, but in essence this is a a good set of brushes!
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