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Paint Tool Sai Artistic Textures Vol1

By zummerfish
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:police: Archive re-uploaded.

More brushes: fav.me/dd3509n

>>>>>>> FAQ (Troubleshooting & Tips)<<<<<<


Since it turns out that some people do not have start-sai.exe and DA doesn't permit to include .exe files in uploads you can grab it here sta.sh/0rtidxox7i6
0. Exit Sai if it's running
1. Place start-sai.exe in your main Sai folder
2. Place textures in brushtex folder
3. Use start-sai to run Sai
WARNING: Sai supports a limited number of active textures. If you already have a plenty of textures installed and some of the textures do not show up, I suggest you place some of the textures you won't be using into an archive or a separate folder, so that you can get them back when needed.

An ulimate collection of seamless brushes for SAI. Includes 26 textures, 20 x 1024 and several smaller ones. Includes instructions and start-sai if anyone is missing it. Works with all brush tools; effect varies based on density, size and softness/hardness so play around <3

You can view large strokes here


:bulletgreen: Commercial use is allowed
:bulletred: No redistribution as whole or partially.
:bulletyellow: Please do give credit

Other SAI & Photoshop resources

Second part >>>>>
© 2013 - 2020 zummerfish
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Aya-LairHobbyist Artist
Thank so much! :heart:
I-am-Ayla-Cat's avatar
I-am-Ayla-CatStudent Digital Artist
I really like the pricing on these. It is nice and cheap, without there being any sign of you underselling yourself.
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santinoh Digital Artist
how to get ituhh kay? 
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IkebeeHobbyist Digital Artist
which texture is the third one from the top, on the middle line? the blue speckled one? ive been looking for a brush like that, what settings did you use?
MiusEmpire's avatar
MiusEmpireHobbyist General Artist
i like the middle one in row 3 seems perfect for making ice surface.
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KaijiiroHobbyist Digital Artist
The brushes work great, thanks!! ^^
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SusoroHobbyist Artist
i can download only the start sai exe >o<
whats with the textures? .___.
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This is premium download.
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Drawing-MooStudent Digital Artist
I'm having some issues with the textures showing up. I don't know what I did wrong but after following the steps (and reading the "Important" file)  none of the textures will show up.
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Send me a note with a screenshot of your Sai folder and brushtex folder and I might be able to help you.
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Drawing-MooStudent Digital Artist
something that may be the reason they don't load is my start-sai.bak is still exactly that. How is that changed to a .exe?
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You need to find folder options (typically control panel > appearance and customizarion > folder options). It will show a pop-up with 3 tabs; you need to go to "view" tab. Make sure that "hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked. Then you rename start-sai.bak: erase "bak" up until dot and replace it with "exe" (windows will automatically select file name only, so you must click past extension). Click enter and confirm change.

Here's an example with pictures www.mediacollege.com/microsoft…
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Drawing-MooStudent Digital Artist
They're in Paint Tool now! Thank you so much!
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Is this still disabled? Or?
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Stuffyhaven Digital Artist
Ughh, i only want a few of them, i dont need all of them. plus money
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just bought it! first 30 mins and its already working for me brilliantly!!
thanks so much!
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my pleasure :D
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*purchased* Thank you!
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LadyNianCatHobbyist Digital Artist

you can make a tutorial in Spanishpls? :3
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1) Busca el fichero donde tienes Sai, normalmente es C:/Program Files/Paint Tool Sai/
2) Pon los imagenes en el fichero "brushtex"
3) Pon el file "start-sai.exe" en C:/Program Files/Paint Tool Sai/ (Si no tienes, puedes descragarlo aqui sta.sh/0rtidxox7i6)
4) Termina tu Sai si esta funcionando.
6) Pincha "start-sai.exe". Despues de abrir el Sai, elija la textura en el menu zummerfish.deviantart.com/art/…

Y es todo, espero que sea claro.
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LadyNianCatHobbyist Digital Artist
LadyNianCat's avatar
LadyNianCatHobbyist Digital Artist
( ノ^ 3 ^)ノ ・:・゚♥
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I know a little Spanish, do you need a tutorial of how to apply the textures?
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