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Hollow Knight Fan Character

I'm sure you all know already how much I adore Hollow Knight and it's art style. So I tried to design a character in my and in the game's style (I even made a real game version too, that's the middle one). And this is the outcome. The character doesn't have a name or personality, making the design was my main goal. I really ejoyed working on this one, and I hope you like it too :)
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I concur, Naalu.

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Should there be a name for him?

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I still couldn't come up anything for him :D

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Ah well, anyway, the character design is awesome, probably could think some names myself, but not sure yet.

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Probably something that fits this character would do it.

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Amazing design on this one!

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I actually like the look of this character despite “him” having a name.
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The is messing with me, someone who is really tall and not the hollow knight, THIS IS MADNESS

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I Love the spear and horns! very coooool
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I love how there's an in game style drawing as well as the brilliant fully developed versions. It really shows how much a silhouette matters, seeing how the in game style character is still recognizably the fully detailed character, but vastly simplified to match the in game aesthetic.
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I'm always having fun when I play with styles and I really appreciate that you like the result ^^ The game really inspire me to try my art skills, and creating a fancharacter is a good choice for a great practice.
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I've actually been doing little sketch studies so I can attempt to draw the game style, it's slow going but super rewarding. I try to do quick doodles of every character I meet, but since my old laptop isn't very well suited to it and the controller I'm borrowing has some very unfortunately sticky keys, so it's harder than it probably should be. Even with the difficulty, though, it's a stunningly beautiful game and I greatly appreciate how much love has been given to such a brilliant indie offering.
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I hope you continue doing more Hollow Knight fanart. The characters look great in your style! (Btw, I loved the dreads in your character)!
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I'll continue doing it, sometime I just slow down with them, or speed up. :) 

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interesting character design :3 
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The character looks perfectly legitimate.
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OMG, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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love your art style. super cool. still secretly hoping for cloth and zote fanart :) but I will be content with great art
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It looks so great and cute !
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This Is Better Than All My Characters
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It's so adorable 😇
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