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Grimm - Hollow Knight Fanart

Since this character came out, I haven't drawn anything about him. But now I had some ideas, so I kinda did a re-design with his head.
Hope you like it :)
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A N G E Y bug god XD

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Why do you have to make grimm look like he loss his cheek skin..... just don’t have a mouth like in game
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I like that little smile he's making in the first picture.

It kinda puts me on edge though, which is a nice effect for Grimm I think.

Now, for the second face, that brings back memories of me "accidentally" hitting him when he bows during his fight.

By "accidentally" I mean, I knew better, but my instincts were telling me to hit him, so I did TTuTT

I think the same...

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OoooOOOooo, I like it! Regular grin, big scary nightmare grin! C-: Better yet, you can see how far his jaw stretches in the first pic too. Noice
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Great additions and details to an already great design. I hope you do more pieces like this when Silksong comes out.
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You can bet :U

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I imagine this is what Grimm's race would look like in a more realistic setting, like Halo or Mass Effect. Just imagine an army of these guys wreaking infernal havoc on an enemy faction... Nothing but dust and ashes indeed.
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Imagining this making that screech he makes at the start of the boss battle is pretty cool.
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He looks like freaking Makuta. o_o
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I had to google it to make sure that your were talking that Makuta..... been so long.
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Can I please draw your version of him?
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Sure, have fun :)
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How DARE you not dance with me!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the best Grimm i've seen!!!!
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he looks like a fun guy XD 
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Mh, looks like a cool guy to me.
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Grimm: *Screeching*
*Orchestra Intensifies*
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Cool interpretation.
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