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By Zummeng
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This picture was brought to you by my awesome supporters on Patreon, and especially by those who voted for this picture :) Thank you again for everyone for the support, I love you guys! ^^

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congratulations Lily, you made a substance harder than the teeth of a god
Roxlyde-Art's avatar
She is just the best.
Shadowstyle143's avatar
I feel that's gonna be me with my kids, and God told me I'm gonna have all Girls
FablePaint's avatar
god these three are cute
AlanNights2013's avatar
I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing off [him].
It's like "OMG what did she do ?"
But at the same time it looks like [he] is breaking a 4th Wall and looking at Us in a "help me" way XP
StephDragonness's avatar
awww what stomach ache u put up with being a proud parent of that kid =p
RadicalEdward84's avatar
The best part of this is that I know where the characters came from.
Zummeng's avatar
And I'm really glad about that ^^
RadicalEdward84's avatar
Were you the author of that comic, or is tis a fanart? I saw it a month ago, linked by someone in a chat. A moving, sweet and lewd story at the same time.
Zummeng's avatar
Everything's mine in it.

Thank you ^^

This was my first finished comic, frist attempt about everything. I'm proud of it as a first try.
RadicalEdward84's avatar
Well not first attempt about drawing I hope, because that'd be too much for me to process.
So, um, now how do I get out of the loop of telling you that I liked it at every post? =P

Well, I guess I just like your style, which is a good thing I guess?
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I'm just glad you like my style, hearing that is really important for me. I'm really trying to keep a consistent style because I like to draw so many things beside doing comics.

(I'm not sure what did you mean in your first sentence, because I'm drawing a lot in general, and I already finished a few comics through the years. )
RadicalEdward84's avatar
Well, you said it was your first attempt about everything, but it looks to me you were already good at drawing at that point, because the style was well defined and the anatomy was good. And then I joked about the fact that I would be really in awe if that was your first attempt at drawing too. But the whole thing was mostly a compliment on your then-existing skills. I'm sure you're learning something new each day that passes.

Furthermore, as someone who only draws as a hobby and then not really that much anyway (I doodle during boring meetings and that's it), I'm glad that my opinion has a positive effect on you even if it comes from a layman. Or maybe I'm just a really experienced picture-viewer? XD
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She's The Author.
neorenamon's avatar
Well that does explain the smoke alarms going off.
KamenriderShadow's avatar
It's the thought that counts ^^so much adorableness happening :3
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"Why don't I just save this for later, I'm full right now"
"What? I just woke up...? well... um..."
"We had a big dinner last night..."
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There are many, many, many, dialog possiblities :D
wolves4693's avatar

That's cute!!! (=^w^=)

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Whatever unholy concoction inside that beaker looks like it capable of killing a god... Lets hope her father does't drink it.
Zummeng's avatar
I also don't even know either what the ingredients are, but with this color and texture I made it look like quite unholy, and drinking it might be considered an extreme sport :D
JasonVoorheesfurry's avatar
\o3o/ she is best daughter ever!


For all time!

End of discussion! o3o
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