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A small Hollow Knight fanart.
A fluffy bee just found a new friend. Or is it the other way around? :D
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Its so amazing!!!

I have seen before some pieces of yours! And now that i found the one who's behind those pieces its just AAAAAAAAAAAAA xD

Also i adore the artstyle! its very unique and inspiring!^^

Let me guess, Hiveblood Charm?

h0ll0wkn1ghtv3ss3l's avatar

boop :3

but the hive for me was ruff because I'm terrified of bees. But, somehow hive knight is my favorite boss :3

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boop indeed my friend boop indeed...

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Reminds me of a line of action figures from the '80s called Sectaurs.

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I want to feel the bee floof
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Im a Hugga Da Fluffa Bumba

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WOH it's almost a bit too real, but not too real to be changed
Super cute, but make sure you don't make things any MORE real'er
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unbeelievable amount of fluff X3
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Cute. But are ya sure that's the nose?
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Adorable. it gives both that loveable cuteness with added i am going to eat you that this game has in spades. but if it was me I would most likely be running about screaming like a headless hollow. Curse those mimic worms, nightmare fuel i tell yer. anyway I Been playing this hollow knight game on the ps4 for the 1st time and i am loving it so far, even did my own fan art of the game. but i can tell you enjoyed the game too.  <3
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I really enjoed the game of course :D And more arts to come, but not really bee related.
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that is so cute !!!
God i love your hollow knight fanart so much; the style is so perfect
thank you so much for making this stuff !!
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Welp now everytime Hive guardian is going to try to ram me,
it's gonna look like it just wants to tackle hug me Sad fayse. 
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O.M.G. Ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111

#whattheheck #whatthehell #whatthefuck #whatsyourproblem
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