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I've been brainstorming about a lovely bird-folk race in medieval setting and clothing style. I wanted to make them stereotypical here and there, but actually I was only drawing what I could just think of, or what looked fun. For example, a rooster with an axe looked fun for me X) Or a flower lady toucan who could maybe have some difficulties picking flowers because of her large beak… but maybe if she turned her head it could work. I didn't think this through, but had my fun with her design XD The rest of the birdies are just like that too. I wanted to find some medieval tropes, and pair them with birds I felt would suit those tropes the best. You guys have no idea how much fun I had drawing these cute birdies :) Hope you like them!
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Gosh, all of these have so much character! You perfectly mixed the shapes of their beaks and/or crests to match into their outfits, their personality... This is amazing character design right here!