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I didn't get the chance to draw Yumeko after watching Kakegurui so I'm happy I could finally draw her^w^

High-res version, 
different versions,
video process

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Tharja by zumidraws  Lulu by zumidraws  Maki Oze by zumidraws  Byleth by zumidraws
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A winner is you 👍
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love the scene with the use of wind effects for the scenery
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beautiful work and detailing

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Very beautiful work!
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That show is like a train wreck, it’s horrific bu you can’t. look. Away.

Insanely Gorgeous

With an added emphasis on the insane part, she's one hell of a looker alright, but she also more than a little on the crae-crae side (and not in a good way....) [F2U] Yumeko Jabami's Confidence Yumeko Happy Icon horny revamp Jeya smug icon :fellathrust: Yumeko Evil Icon Yumeko Smirk Icon Kurumi Tokisaki Icon . Batman the Killing Joke The Joker's First Laugh Damn Mrs. Brisby goes OMG emote Nope Box

Yeah, she's pretty mentally unstable in the anime and manga series. She has a totally out-of-control gambling addiction that more often than not scares the living shit out of almost everyone around her on a regular basis with how far she's willing to satisfy it. Basically, she's Atem/Yami Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh, except that's she's female, hot and completely nuts.

The series is called Kakegurui if you ever want to check it out, it's pretty good. Btw, I hope I didn't come across as disrespectful, intrusive, obnoxious or rude in any of my comments towards you, and I sincerely apologize if I did. It definitely wasn't my intention.

No you didn’t intrude. Thank you 🙏 for sharing. Hope it comes on Toonami some day.

Ikr? That would be a nice addition to the roster. In the meantime, I think it might still be on Netflix if you ever want to go that route (I watched it about a year ago on that platform and read the whole manga right before I watched the anime).

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