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Sylvanas Alt. Version

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Since her full armor version was much requested I spent a few more hours on that;D

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The armor got some bloodelves vibe to it.
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Zumidraws? Zumi can draw! :)
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Never knew she had a full armor version. What a concept, protect the midriff!
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I was curious if you were aware of your art being used for shirts and hoodies? Just thought i'd let you know.……
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I would love to get this tattooed on me.. Zumi, would that be an issue with you; I wouldn't do it without your permission of course.
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Sure, you can do that and it would be an honor for me. But I'm not sure if it's a good ideaXD
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Thank you so much.. I already know the tattoo artist that I would ask to do it and will make sure to send you a picture of the finished work.. out of curiosity though; why don't you think it's a good idea?
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It's just to think that someone would really tattoo my art on their body. I probably don't need to tell you that it's a lifetime decision. But if you are determined about it I would be very interested to see a picture afterwards!
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It is simply the best version of Sylvanas that have ever seen drawn.. It would actually be my honor to have it with me forever. I will send you a picture once I have gotten it done. Thank you again for granting me permission.
Warmest regards, Joe
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Did you ever get the ink? :)
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Sadly, not yet.. will post up once I have it done.
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Much better than the plate-kini! 
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This is stunning!
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Swear this is like her fifth model revamp, why can't blizz stick to one design choice :thinking:?

Good pic tho.
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This is amazing!! Is it available for purchase?
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