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Mikasa Ackerman

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I watched the lastest episode of AoT and since there won't be any new episodes for a while I wanted to draw Mikasa after time skip with short hair. Such an intense Anime^^

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different versions,
video process

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Rendered really well, but what is her body doing? xD

beebrushes's avatar

The pose is not making a lot of sense to me anatomy-wise, the rendering on the other hand, as always looks amazing.

Kawayyuki's avatar

My back hurts just by looking at this.

Great rendering tho.

She looks great
NekoZemnia's avatar

I'm trying to understand that back- i can't- but other than that its beautiful!

SimMiko's avatar
Wow so much detail :0
I wonder how long it took
Looks good but for me the body looks weird but it still looks good
OliverArtsOficial's avatar

Very good I liked the drawing style congratulations♥♥☺

visit my drawings too

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I'll admit: this pose gives me the impression that her back is broken.
HohenheimAC's avatar
Mikasa in this masterpiece: beautiful
Mikasa in the last season of anime: "yo whassup bro"

I've missed a lot of what's been happening in the enemy but I have been reading the manga so I've caught up on that!

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lovely mikasa piece

vanBlood's avatar

Awesomely gorgeous and stunningly beautiful

God bless her spine

BartGT5's avatar

Sweet! Very nice and awesome work!;)

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