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Kallen Kozuki

By zumidraws
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Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass^^

High-res version, 
different versions,
video process

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Erza Casino Dress by zumidraws  Mona and Fischl by zumidraws  Lisa and Beidou by zumidraws 

Mature Content

Lisa and Beidou alt version by zumidraws
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daaaaamn son, great work XD

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Great Art!

By the way, Request "Tae Takemi or Shizuka Tomagi" from me has not been finished yet. Is You also a Reason?


Choice 1: Busy

Choice 2: Commision Only

Choice 3: Reject (Bad)

Choice 4: Cancel

Choice 5: Fogotton

Choice 6: Pass

Choice 7: Moreover No Interest

Choice 8: Confusion

Choice 9: Etc

Choice 10: Unknown

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Did Darling in the Franxx steal this cockpit design? Discord Emoji - Thinking

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Code Grass is still my favorite anime after these years

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Such a gorgeous and interesting character. You did her justice.

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Stunning. :D I like CC the most but can't go wrong with Kallen.

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She looks amazing! You did awesome!!
Code Geass is my favorite, so I love this.
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Aaaaah!! Collin looks amazing!! Awesome work!
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"Jesus H Christmas Kallen! We were supposed to score some drugs not kill the feds!"

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absolutely gorgeous :aww:

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for unrelated reason, i need to take a look at that anime :D

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It's actually really good. The final third of the second season is unfortunately the weakest, but overall, it's a very engaging and well-written show.

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So will i be disapointed if i expect this kind of fan service in the show?

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Oh, no, there's a fair amount of fanservice, Kallen included.

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You won't be disappointed
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Awesomely sexy and invitingly bouncy

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Beautiful work. Kallen is such an under rated character.

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