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Decided to draw Jessie as well^^

High-res version, 
different versions,
video process

Available on Patreon

Tifa Lockhart by zumidraws  Tifa version 2 by zumidraws  Aerith by zumidraws  Yoruichi by zumidraws
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I have to admit I'm glad they put some character into Jessie in the remake. I hate they killed her off but damn she is sexy as hell. She molded Cloud like putty in her fingers.

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yay Best Girl Jessie!

Styxriver33's avatar

I love this piece, the detail is insane and this scene in game always showcases Jessie best.

GhostShell5's avatar

Fun Jessie Piece. Awesome Job.

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Anzac-A1's avatar

Best character in the remake so far.

DannyAndYoko's avatar

She's really gorgeous ^^

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Elle est magnifique ❤

LouisPointe's avatar

Great work, well in the coloring, the details are fantastic and the girl is very beautiful

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She looks amazing.

BartGT5's avatar

Looking very beautiful and awesome!!;)

She's a lot prettier than I remember from the original game!

Anzac-A1's avatar

Given the original game has worse character models than Lego, that's hardly surprising.

Godzillaking2020's avatar

Smoking Hot!!! Awesome :heart:

Mythro's avatar

I really love her pose! And how you rendered the textures! :love:

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