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I also wanted to draw Historia^^ can't wait for new episodes of Attack on Titan!

High-res version, 
different versions,
video process

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This is really hot😍

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Gorgeous. 😍👌

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Man, it's impossible 👏👏👏

Long may she reign!

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круто, очень круто
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OH MY GOD!!!!!
I think I want more arts on AoT from you now, it's gorgeous!!!!
Dude the lighting and the clothes volts are so spot on, I love it💗💕💕💕

They def should use elastic shirts.

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does this art style have a name

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Woow, good style 👌
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I noticed all your AOT fanart, the girls don't have shirts that are loose Lol XD They all have the buttons popping at the front. Very cool artwork!! Can't wait to see the new episodes too.

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The Survey Corps needs bigger shirts, this is the third time now

Stunningly beautiful

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Yess yess yesss

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