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I drew Hinata from Naruto today^^

High-res version, 
different versions,
video process

Available on Patreon

Rangiku by zumidraws  Kiss-Shot by zumidraws  Tsunade by zumidraws  Faye Valentine by zumidraws
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JokerCarnage5's avatar

Hinata my girl! I'm so glad that you drew her! I love your artwork! The designs are beautiful!

Alexa112's avatar

Would love to see your take on Sakura as well

Speedstreak2017's avatar

Hinata is beautiful!

vanBlood's avatar
Weiphe's avatar

best Hinata fanart I've seen so far!

Stunningly gorgeous, sexy, and inviting

Evodolka's avatar

looks gorgeous :aww:

and i kind of find it hilarious that naruto is just kind of stood there :D

Hinata is enchantingly gorgeous, sexy and cute

ManInTheStreet's avatar

My only gripe is her belly button being too wide/open. I would imagine that if she is sitting/torso bending, belly button is being squished closed. Unless of course it's a trait from the character I am unfamiliar with. I admire your works and this such a great inspirational piece. Thank you so much for sharing!

tifalockhart69's avatar

Always nice to see Hinata :D

Fuego-fantasmal's avatar

She looks very sexy and gorgeous; amazing work. :love:

Not a big fan of open-toe shoes to be honest but she does look very beautiful!

kaze26's avatar
AlphaDeltaZeta's avatar

so beautiful. so busty

BartGT5's avatar

Looking very beautiful!;)

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