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Boa Hancock

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I drew Boa Hancock yesterday^^

High-res version, 
different versions,
video process

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Faye Valentine by zumidraws  PS5-chan by zumidraws  Tsunade by zumidraws
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Extreme Beauty

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The sexiest woman in One Piece!

whats your top 5 in naruto?

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Amazing, I want to paint like that ♥️😁

that is really pretty

She can look down on me any time.

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It always makes me smile when she looks down on someone so much that she's basically looking up to the sky and a little behind.

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The sexiest character in One Piece lml

whats your top 5 in naruto??

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So wonderful...:D

Omg wow 🤩 I love it

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Gorgeous and sexy

Hello someone stole your art his/her name is KamZawA24
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The beautiful empress.

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You are very talented but this is too similar to Yues version, I'm sorry. If you study her a lot then that's good, we can always learn from other artists so nothing wrong with that. I straight just thought it was Yue Wang's work from first glance, from an art director major's perspective regarding thumbnailing. But so many learn from her so at this point sakimi is actually a style now.

Base from your point yeah it kinda did. But if you take a little closer you could actually see his own style given that he/she may took an inspiration from Yue Wang. Like most of the artist i've seen today, their style resembles somewhat like Sakimi. It's not bad, but if they mimic the exact style and it looks like straight Sakimichan did that version then it would not be better for the artist. No originality and creativity.
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oh wow, I know this image but I totally forgot about it. I didn't reference from it. When I was deciding for a pose I saw a photo with leg positions I really liked and then just made up an upper body that was fitting.

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No worries hun, maybe in a way its a compliment because you now are one of the greatest artists and have achieved high levels of talent. <3

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