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~ Nautical Art~

Sun May 5, 2013, 11:59 AM
My latest artwork titled " The Battle of the North Cape" represents  another nautical event in history.

I grew up around water, from my childhood of fishing and sailing the Gulf of  Mexico, serving the Navy on all oceans and I continue to visit the Great Lakes yearly.

There are so many stories of great ships, past and present, hopefully I can present these stories through my artwork.  Thanks for viewing and enjoy a piece of history.

Cheers, Mike

~ Steel ~

Thu Apr 18, 2013, 9:55 AM
My latest artwork titled " The First Ingot" represents  the great steel industry of America.

I worked in the steel industry for (35) years, bridge construction, heavy construction machinery for Caterpillar Inc. and  Nuclear Submarines for General Dynamics, Electric Boat Divisions.

Industrial Art has always fascinated me and now I can try to emulated some the great artists that did amazing work of the industrial revolution and into the 20th century. There were and are many great artists from USA, England, Germany and Russia that totally are my idols in the world of art.

Cheers, Mike

Fire City on Syfy TV

Sun Apr 14, 2013, 1:07 PM
not really but close.

The producers  of Syfy TV are presenting a tv series  about  an alien invasion of St. Louis Monday, April 15, 8:00 central time . The new series is "Defiance" Check out their web site.…

The artwork and storyline is similar to  my artwork and  the story I presented over a year ago.  Even the Gateway Arch is broken in the same spot. See "Fire City" and see the similarities.

I am off to Hollywood to sell my  story on the  follow up  of this trilogy.  See part  2  "Defending Chicago"  Just kidding maybe they will see my  follow up about  Chicago.

Cheers, Mike

Devious Journal Entry

Tue Jan 1, 2013, 7:07 AM
Working on some new subjects for this year. Currently on the drawing board is nautical, machinery and industrial and  steel themes. I am trying to relate some subjects related to my past career of steel fabrication which includes power generation, construction, Cat Diesel equipment, ship building and Industrial history.

Oh, I forgot and any subjects that relate to military history my first love. It is All Good.

Happy New Year to all my friends at DeviantArt, looking forward to a great Year and seeing all the talented artist's new works for 2013 and making new friends.

Cheers, Mike

Back to aviation art. Trying some new brushes and techniques with Painter 12. See "Carrier Landing"

Reminds me of the old days when there was no computers and learning about traditional art and working in oils.

Cheers, Mike
I have recently been working on new ships and sea artwork.
My latest is the "Witch of November" I have been working on this over several weeks.

Cheers, Mike
Some new WW I Aviation Art. Thanks for Looking. Cheers, Mike
Back to to the Pacific Warfare. I had this on the drawing board for a couple of weeks. Looking for a more dramatic BG, finally decided to add a destroyed fiery cargo ship.  Thanks for looking. Cheers, Mike
I thought it was time again to change my subjects for this new artwork. It also refreshes me and it challanges new techniques and also  I wanted to "push the pixels" to new heights. I like all military history but the Samurai exudes a professional warrior with dedication, integrity and ready to die for in what he believes (The Bushido Code ).

I originally made the panoramic scene first then realized that a cloase-up look preety good also. Tell me what your favorite is, thanks for looking.

Cheers, Mike
As I search for artwork subjects, I have found the WW II of the Pacific Wars to be very interesting. The aircraft and ships of this era present many stories and interesting subjects for art and history.

Cheers, Mike
Today I submitting mt first naval artwork. It has been a real challenge from my usual aviation theme, but I like all aspects of weaponry and military history. I have been inspired by several artists here and their nautical themes. It was time to rest my aviation art for a while. Its all good. Big ships are beautiful but I wanted to get that certain war enviorment for my first nautical theme.

Cheers, Mike
Today, I submitted my largest canvas artwork ever of the A-7 Corsair. I wanted to create a dynamic and hard look of battle, with a war weary look as it prepares for its fifth sortie of battle. This AC is considerate to be a favorite among the pilots who flew it and is second only to the B-52 as far as tonnage dropped on North Vietnam. Can you smell the mixture of jet fuel, sweat, steam and salt water?

Salute, Mike
I have recently posted the TU-95 "Bear" Bomber. I was asked to do an artwork piece of the TU-95 after I posted the B-52 subject, see "Nuclear Alert".

It is now complete. It was a labor of love. I can remember the late 1950's and 60's seeing photos of the "Bear" and thought, what a mean and foreboding looking weapon. I remember my dad, who was a WW II pilot saying " it has a look of war".

The Cold War aircraft history has increased my enthusiasm to work on a couple of more Soviet bombers. Stay tuned.

Cheers, Mike
Today I finally finish my first painting/airbrush portrait. As well as aviation art, I have always admired Native American art and the hertiage and history of these proud people. I painted portraits years ago, but have slowly been working into the digital process of painting portraits. When I saw this photo of him holding a Model 1861 Colt Navy pistol, I knew I had to capture this proud and brave man. I have held this gun before and I noted his large and powerful hands. He is definately a warrior or a soldier's soldier. I am sure he has several Sioux kills.

"Keep Pushin' Those Pixels" everyone. Do what motivates you any enjoy your artworks.

Cheers, Mike
Thanks for all the favorites for "Fire City"

I eventually want to continue the "Fire City" story. Chicago is their next heading, hope they are better deended than St. Louis was.
Stay Tuned

Working on another cityscpape theme. This time good old USA wins.

To many irons in the fire. "Prometheus is at the local theater, must see. Grahics look good.

Cheers, Mike
Today I finished "Power Station Akyla". The word akyla is "shark" in russian, also The Typhoon submarines were in the "Akyla Class". 16 hrs of labor of love.  Art can be frustrating sometimes. As the old coach use to say: "You don't have to hit a home run everytime, just keep pushing the runners around". Wisdom for the day.

I am working on some other concepts, will take a break today and fly my R/C Extra 330S, with 50 cc engine, 89" wingspan with 22" prop. Its ithe maidwen flight, I let you know.

"Push those Pixels"


Today I submitted "Frozen Typhoon". I am trying new subjects I can relate with and that interests me.

Trying my hand at more of a painting look and conveying stories through illustrations. Working new brushes and lighting effects.

I have a background of heavy steel production, and you may start seeing more heavy machines, subs, and factory scenes. No, I still have lots of aviation art on my drawing table.

I am also interested in some inspiring sci-fi work here. I have started a couple these types of subjects.
I have titles for them those now i have to complet them.

"Push those Pixels"

Cheers, Mike
After seeing so much great artwork here, I am wanting to move into so many themes/subjects and try new areas and gendre.

I have seen some great colorizations of historical people, scenery, industrial  themes, sci-fi, transportation, matte painting,

and the pros here are outstanding.  

Anyone wanting to try new things and subjects. I know most of my friends are aviation buffs with varied interests.

What's your latest intersts at Deviantart?

Cheers, Mike
My passion is aviaton art, but trying my hand at sci-fi, and thematic works after seeing some great work out there, very inspiring for an old guy.

I have a lot of ideas and concepts in preminary stages.

Is there a group of artist that works as a team effort in such as someone does the concept/sketch format then someone finishes with the paint/light final? It would be a good way to learn from others. Are there tutorials and helpful hints for improving our artwork.

I have gone on youtube and learned a lot but just curious about what's available.

Thanks, Mike
I have been here less than a week and I am amazed at the talent and beautiful work here.  As you can see from my favorites I have discovered sci-fi digital art even though my first love is aviation art,  but I have started a sci-fi project with a helo, so stay tuned. Also the tech robots are very interesting, since I worked with manufacturing robots and heavy steel fabrications, Its all good. Glad to be here.

Cheers, Mike