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Haven't really written anything up in such a long time.  Almost two years have passed with working in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoying it for the most part. Have met a lot of interesting and talented people.  Curious to see how everyone else is doing and who all still checks back with Deviant Art. From what I've seen a lot of people have grown so much. Very nice to see all of the work in my watch lists. A lot of inspiration to absorb.

I'm still active and designing. Just haven't really have put my relevant artwork here yet . Most of my current work consists of interface/web design/application/mobile visual design. I have a Dribble Page that has a few pieces of work I'm allowed to show.

I'm not doing as many personal projects as I used to, but still find the time to squeeze it in.  I do have a few things I've been working on I will submit here before the year ends :)  And as always I love getting the feedback and support from the community.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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Landed a new design position in Palo Alto, CA doing visual design work for Disney Mobile's Music Studio.

Already know a couple people like Jozias Dawson and Jason Festa

Should be an interesting start as this will be my first time working within the gaming industry on the mobile device platform. Excited to be apart of a great creative group of people.

My lack of updates here is due to the constant workflow. Will be posting some things here soon.

As always I appreciate all the feedback and support.
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I've been living near San Francisco, CA for almost a year now. Time really goes by fast. Has been an exciting stay so far. I can say I will probably be living out here for quite some time.

I have been busy working as an interface/UX/UI/and visual designer here in the bay area for a few different companies. Still managing to do personal and freelance work on the side of course. Just haven't had enough time to update my site and galleries...

Hope Everyone in this community is still around and kicking. Happy Holidays all.
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Wanted to give a shout to an art group I'm apart of. We just released a new site and a new pack of artwork at Evoke.

A lot of interesting and inspiring work in there. Expect some stuff from me soon.

Thanks for looking.
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Given the circumstances of unstable freelance work, I would be a fool to pass on a job offer that I recently received. And I took that offer, and am now in beautiful Mountain View California. Moving is not always fun, and most of my belongings are still half way across the country. The atmosphere of Silicon Valley is definitely inspiring, and definitely something that will take getting used too.

The culture is a lot different in many ways than the midwest, not to mention the hotbed of talent the state fosters. Not sure if any of you all live near the bay area or not, if so any tips, tricks, suggestions? My lack of attention here lately on DA is due to the disconnect of work and other things, going to try and get myself back on track here.

Hopefully some new work will be completed here soon. I'll enjoy very much in having you all give your thoughts about it.
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This is probably one of the best flash animations ever. Not to mention the rest of  Andreas Wannerstedt's work is equally as amazing.

Check it out

Still trying to wrap my head around some of the effects. Probably a lot of swift 3D plug-in used, maybe others. My main interest is his effects used for making text appear. Not sure how he does it, maybe complicated masks?
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I'm with Conan O'brien. And honestly I wish Jay Leno would leave late night and make room for new talent.

To get most of the clips you've missed incase you are wondering whats going on, check out Gawker , HULU and Kimmel bashing Jay on his own show
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I wanted to notify all my friends and watchers about a new web start up I'm involved with called Groundmap. The site is a social geo-tagging platform that integrates your social networks while allowing you to upload content,tweet,and much more to various locations you can specify on an interactive map.

This video explains the site a bit better. My current involvement is assisting with the design and interface. There is still a lot of work to do. I appreciate it if any of you would like to sign up!!!

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I want to drive this

These days I'm hiding out in good old St.Louis again. Not a whole lot of talent in the mid west, I'm flanked by Micah Lidberg to my left, and Chuck Anderson to my right, I feel a bit outdone :(

As far as work goes I'm just doing the freelance thing until any staff positions look intriguing enough to hop onto.
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Does anyone else think it would be awesome to just only have the essential items in a backpack and not really know where to go or what do do next? Would be cool, for like a month to just trek across states.

I've been doing a bit of wondering around as of late in a few places in Denver. Also might have a gig in the works with BBH that I hope goes through *crosses fingers*.
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Was featured in the first selected round of 5 artists in the new Wacom's Intuos 4 campaign. Check me out Here under Designer Profiles. Big thanks to Wacom for that.

Should hopefully be moving into a house w/ a few roommates here very soon, excited to get a bit more space than my small apartment.  But looking forward to refining my work and propelling ahead into other avenues.

The good news is I'll be able to watch LOST and 24 on time, and I can also go fishing at any time I want too.

And I guess if you want to keep track of me, and me keep track of you, there is this twitter service everyone has been going gaga over. You can follow me if you like, or hit me up with your account.
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Has anyone herd about the Bale Out?

It's been about 7 months since I've let anyone know whats going on, I should probably let everyone in on a few things.  We finally launched our new site at Beatport. I will have my portfolio up shortly (for real). There have been a few side contract jobs I've been doing, a few for couple web2.0 start-ups that will be able to talk about shortly, and a few other companies such as Wacom.

I will also be posting more work that I've done over these past few months here soon. I just don't want to spoil everything and have it all appear on one place other than my site that has had a splash page for the past 3 years.

And for all the LOST fans out there, "wtfomg!"
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Wow, its been awhile since I updated. But I thought i'd let you know I just turned 21, : )

And get ready for some updates here in a couple weeks.

Thanks for the support,
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It's been awhile since I"ve posted everything up here.  I know I have a bad habit of that, but the truth is I've been working on so many things, that haven't gotten the chance to complete all my personal work.  All the support I get is much appreciated.  Look for work here sometime around July spanning into August.  

And I've finally gotten a hold of a nice actionscript / flash programmer to make the magic happen with my website, look for that here very soon.
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Every now and then I like to showcase some interesting web bits.  Last November I highlighted what I thought was the worst website on earth.  However this almost surpasses it in every single way.

Take a look at .

Unbelievable.....I wouldn't know where to begin.  Someone please give 1997 a call, and tell him he can't make websites anymore.  Its time to

I was gonna do the reboot, but my account got deactivated . I had forgotten to upload my after shot. ><
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Evoke XVI : Zen

Tue Apr 1, 2008, 6:58 AM

I would like to share the news of Evoke's latest release (XVI) entitled, Zen.  A interesting look at a base of talented individuals shaping their works around the theme of Zen.  A nice blend of varried sytles and visualizations, not to mention a nice mix of audio tracks. So stop by and take a moment to view this exhibition. I included another work for this release, this one is featured in the spotlight.

Also, the May First Reboot is coming.  I'm really hoping to have a slick, full working site up within this coming month. Expect a few new releases coming as well.  The end of my semester at RMCAD and work at beatport has time on the sidelines,  not leaving me enough time to produce. That'll all change here in a couple weeks.

Keep in touch, a lot of interesting experiments and works coming your way.
Thanks for the support.

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Trent Reznor came out with an instrumental only release that is worth listening to. Only $5 gets you 36 tracks of goodness.  What is even better is that Trent is teaming up with youtube for a NIN film festival around this album. "The concept is for you to take whatever tracks you feel inspired by and create what you feel should accompany them visually. You will be able to see all of the submissions, and a team (including Trent) will be sorting through them and setting aside ones they feel are exceptional. Eventually (within a couple of months?) we hope to present a virtual "film festival" with Trent and some special guests presenting selections of your work."

And Finally caught the last part of 24 season 6. Wild ride. Can't wait for 7.

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Been very busy lately with work and school, but finding time to still do personal work.  I just recently landed a job at  So I'll be able to tackle their design and site work during the day while I finish up school and other freelance work.  Their main office is here in Denver, so It will be nice to finally have an in house position.  

: D

Glad the writters strike is over too!
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Barack Obama has caught my attention.  14 states for super tuesday, I hope he becomes the nominee.  Even though Clinton has the lead, it seems that Obama keeps catching up while Hillary doesn't seem to gain new ground.  Hopefully he can rack up some more super delegates  top her off.   My Republican man is Ron Paul.  Talk about truthful, that guy tells how it is.

Now with the Republican race ever close, what do you guys think is going to happen?  Will we see an Obama / Clinton , or Clinton / Obama ticket? Along with a McCain / Huckabee , or McCain / Romnee ticket? To me it seems that both parties are having a little trouble gaining the support of the country.  With the exception of the Hillary/Obama showdown.  It seems the race there is almost dead even.

And does anyone know when the writers strike is going to end?  I'm miss those episodes of "the office" and "24".  Instead we are left with quite shitty television, jam packed with horrible shows of what media depicts as reality tv.

Someone negotiate with those people in Hollywood.
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National Press Club in Washington DC 2007

I knew I wasn't the only one.
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