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Teal Belly Dancer

By Zulma-san
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So yesterday was another cosplay photoshoot. I went as an original character who is a very bubbly and happy dancer. It is not really a cosplay actually as I created the costume first for my belly dancing class. ^.^

I had a blast and am very excited to see how the other pictures turned out. This is a first preview of one of Drayke's photos :iconphotosynthetique:
He did such an amazing job. (Here's his facebook page [link] )

I love the movement and the colors.

Photographer: :iconphotosynthetique:
Model: :iconzulma-san:
Costume & Make-up: :iconzulma-san:

Feel free to comment. I :heart: comments.

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such a cool pose and photo...and that veil is stunning!
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Thank you very much!! The veil is made of silk and hand died which makes it so flowy and unique. :)
KiusLady's avatar
Lovely shot! :)
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ClearFog's avatar
Very Colorful Costume O__O
well done!
Zulma-san's avatar
Thank you very much. :)
The picture really highlights the shine of the fabrics. ^-^
ClearFog's avatar
I can tell :)
artemecia's avatar
Magnifique costume !
Et le mouvement est bien capturé :)
Zulma-san's avatar
Merci beaucoup. ^.^
J'aime aussi beaucoup le mouvement. :)
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Oulala mais tu fais toujours ta belle dis donc!! C'est/T'es magnifique! et j'adore les couleurs!!
Zulma-san's avatar
Vi je fais ma craneuse XP

^///^ merchi.
C'est vrai que les couleurs rendent bien. :)
ninnt's avatar
Tu le fais si bien!

j'aimerais bien te voir quand tu te fais photographier xD
Zulma-san's avatar
Dawwww >.<

Haha, je suis mdr la plupart du temps et pleine d'energie. Enfin ca depend du perso mais pour le coup la j'etais a fond les ballons! XD
Fruit-Sauvage's avatar
Pas mal le mouvement!
Zulma-san's avatar
Ranger-26's avatar
Gorgeous picture. It was mesmerizing getting to watch you doing the poses for this. Those colors really compliment you! :)
Zulma-san's avatar
Daaaaw. Thanks. It was fun to do but I did not have much space compared to when I usually dance. XD
Ranger-26's avatar
It was still lovely to watch. I loved Drayke's comment about you looking like a water bender because that's what I thought too. XD
Zulma-san's avatar
Thank you!

Hehe. This is so funny because I had not thought about it before. But when I looked at the picture, I was like, wow the costume really looks like water!
Nemo-Corp's avatar
Vraiment superbe!!!

Un grand Bravo miss :clap:
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