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Sketch 2010 10 14

By Zulfipunk
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Who : A model from some magazine
When : 2-3 evenings at home besides the fire
How : Mechanical pencil 2B + 4B
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the paper ? how do you get thay colour ?
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Amazing! Great portrait :) It's funny, that you found her in a magasine, I mean I can imagine a whole personality, story behind her face. I even love the small asymetry of her face. Yeas, it's a gerat portrait!
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beautiful drawing.
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CarnegriffProfessional Traditional Artist
lovely drawing
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xxCelticWolfxx Digital Artist
It looks great XD

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wow. XD i could never do that! thats really good!
artfromscratch's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
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this is beautiful! the only thing i can see is the right side of her nose and her pupils but its is amazing to say the least.
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ZulfipunkHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the critique!
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LwsypherHobbyist Digital Artist
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kitiekat4UHobbyist Digital Artist
how awesome is that :heart:
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Chris-GarrettHobbyist General Artist
Really nicely shaded. What paper did you draw this on? The whole piece has a really good texture to it.
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YanatsuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Good effect ^^
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NilSunnaStudent Digital Artist
:la: Cool, i like your drawing
X3kittymuffinX3's avatar
X3kittymuffinX3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow! the neatness and shading blows my mind!!
Zulfipunk's avatar
ZulfipunkHobbyist Photographer
Thank you!
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Fascinating. :D
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ZebraLEGHobbyist General Artist
this is beautiful!
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MoritzMiesslProfessional Traditional Artist
love her expression and your style! just her pupils don't seem right...
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ZulfipunkHobbyist Photographer
Thank you. What do you think is not right?
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deaths-orchidHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow *.* Although there are some mistakes (the mouth is slightly off-center, and the ear was done a bit sloppy), the expression is amazing! I especially like the eyes... they have a haunting expression. And the hair is great as well :D

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ZulfipunkHobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for the critique! I actually never noticed the mouth issue. You opened my eyes on that point. I knew there was a little something wrong there but I thought it came from the shading error on the right side of the nose.

That also explains some proportion issues on her lower right cheek I could not resolve while sketching.
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deaths-orchidHobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem :D
I´ve been having issues with the proportions of the face for quite a while, but a friend of mine always pointed them out to me a few times, and therefore I got the hang of it :D
Maybe you should divide the head into sections before drawing the individual parts of it. With straight lines, so that you don´t get the features mixed up.
But your sketches are really expressive :)
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Mitia-Arcturus Photographer
Hi ...dear Zulfipunk...!!!
This such amazing Art work
" Sketch 2010 10 14"
Traditional Art / Drawings / Portraits & Figures
is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
Have a nice day...best regards
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