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:bulletblue: Websites

Painted-Blue - A Zutara Forum
A new forum that's a haven for Zutara fans and where everyone is welcome.

Zutara is Our Fandom's Love - A LiveJournal Community
Not only is this a place for discussion, you can post a great number of things here: fanart, fanfiction, music videos, icons, wallpapers, etc.

Z U T A R A - A (Tumblr) Content Blog
Icons, wallpapers, videos, gifs, fanarts, fanfics, etc. You name it, they have it!

:bulletblue: Clubs

Zuko x Katara:
:iconzukoxkatara-club: :iconzutarian-empire: :iconzuko-x-katara: :iconfortheloveofzuko: :iconkatarafans:

View the full list of clubs in About Us.

:bulletblue: Zutara Groups

:iconpaintedblue-atla: :iconproject-refinale: :iconsimplyzutara: :iconzutara-nation: :iconzk-underground: :iconzutara-fans-unite: :iconzutara-week: :iconthefireflylantern:

:bulletblue: More Groups


Donate to Zutara?

Our Super Group Status will be running out sometime next year, so if you'd like to help us renew it, please:

Donate to Zutara

Drawings will be made for those who donate 400 :points: or more. And those drawings will be made by the following artists (that we have so far):

:iconsolar-sea: :iconnymre: :iconbeanaroony: :iconox-honey-bee-xo:

The Zutara Project

For any and all information regarding the "Zutara Project", watch Project-ReFinale for new updates!


What is the "Zutara Project"?
It's a fan-created group effort to give a fully animated alternate ending to Avatar: the Last Airbender. An ending in which Zuko and Katara are together.

Can anyone take part?
No. There was a group of people who auditioned for their chosen parts and were hand-picked to take on the project. As far as I know, there aren't any more positions available.

How much has been done?
The writing, voice acting and storyboards are all done. Just the backgrounds and animations are left to be worked on.

Is there anything I can do to help out?
Like, donations and such? Probably. You'll have to talk to bluetarako about things like this, though, since she runs the project.

The Other Zutara Project: The Firefly Lantern

This is a project run by nymre and zutaraxmylove. For any and all information regarding "The Firefly Lantern", watch TheFireflyLantern for new updates!


What is "The Firefly Lantern"?
It's a fan-created group effort to give an alternate ending to Avatar: the Last Airbender (in the form of a visual novel). An ending in which Zuko and Katara are together.

Projected Production Time: roughly 4 - 6 months
Video Length: 1-4 mins
Type: flash story, music based, no dialogue, animatic style, visual novel, moving comic (examples:………)

If you're like to take part in this project, or would just like to see more information about it, please check out this journal: thefireflylantern.deviantart.c…


We're a fun bunch of people who are always looking for new ideas. Feel free to note or comment on our journals if you want to see something different and new from this club and help us stand out from all the others!

:bulletblue: This club was originally founded and created by:

:bulletpurple: This club is now owned by:

:bulletblue: This club was in the care of:
stillxoustiders, kitsuK8, Aeyame, Rose-Rayne

:bulletblue: Previous co-founders were:
KUNGPOW333, angellordrazael

:bulletblue: Members who subscribed the dev-club:
Jesstina22, Yukiko4711, Darkbutterfly137, Spirit2Mind

If you wish to apply for a position here, check out this journal. And if you feel you have the right amount of dedication and responsibility to be promoted to one of these positions, please NOTE the group or Sinsia and not our journals.

Positions available right now:
Prize Artists

:iconzutara-week: - We Support It!
:iconmakorra: - Our Sister Group

:bulletblue: Fandom Features: Zutara

Those who helped make Zuko-Katara a super group in 2012:

:iconhuskibunni: :iconpondsrose: :iconsylvacoer: :iconmuslimzutara:

If you'd like to be on the list for 2013, please donate points to our group donation account: Donate-to-ZK. Thank you. ♥

Prize Artists:










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Does anyone happen to know if fandomme is still writing, under a different name perhaps?
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I think it's really nice of the current leader to mention the group's creator. That tells me that current owner doesn't care about having the most members or power, but care about the community and honors this who were in charge before. 
Fielice Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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this ship does not go down without their crew and captain
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When is this done? Any updates so far about the progress? :happybounce: Meow :3 
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I ship this so hard! Zuko X Katara is a very cute couple.
May I join this group? I'm a Zutara fan too, you know. Please?
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Btw. Woohoo thanks for letting me join in on the fun! :D
WhiteTigeress18 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013
I know this is a debate that has been going on for years, but I just really wanted to put my 2 cents in. So the writers considered the idea of having Zuko and Katara be a couple, but abandoned it because they felt it was too adult for little kids. Ok, I can kinda see a small speck of a point there but not much. I honestly don't see a drastic difference in "adultness" between Kataang and Zutara. In fact, not to be biased because I like Zutara, but I find Kataang a little more weird and "adultish" than Zutara. Why? Aang is 13 by the end of the war, barely a teenager and probably still going through puberty and he jumps into a serious relationship with Katara... who is 15 by this time? I'm sorry, but I just find that strange and a little creepy. Ok that was long, but you get my point.
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Zuko *_* and katara perfect couple
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Ideenkotze Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Student Photographer
hey fellow Zutarians, just in case anyone of you is also on Google Plus, I have a Zutara fanpage there and it would be lovely if you followed it (:
spread the Zutara love :heart:
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