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Experiment Gone Wrong
Eight days ago, a purple light-like entity was seen flying from the abandoned and burned down Pokémon Mansion. The place had been evacuated and declared off-limits to everyone without an authorization by the police, after some incidents regarding scientists who stayed in the Mansion after it burned down, and acting hostile to those who entered the Mansion.
This incident was reported by a group of trainers who were staying at the Pokémon Center, resting before parting to Seafoam Islands. The first hypothesis made by the Cinnabar Island Police Station was that some scientists, possibly the ones who were in the Mansion before its burning, went back, ignoring its off-limits status, to experiment on more things. This was sustained on the testimony of the local Pokémon Center nurse, who said she saw "some weird-looking men" going inside the Mansion some nights before the incident.
A group of policemen went to examine the place the day after the reports, planning the arrest of the scientists
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Andrew Brightpaw (ver. 2) by Zukdeen Andrew Brightpaw (ver. 2) :iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 9 1 Lavender Town header by Zukdeen Lavender Town header :iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 0 0
My New Best Friend
Never, ever, lose hope. Not even in the darkest moments.
The sunlight was so strong yesterday I find it hard to believe that now it is like this. The sky is blocked out by a great number of gray clouds, and the soft and calming breeze that yesterday went, free and moving everywhere, does not belong anymore. Instead, a ferocious breeze hits the window, along with heavy raindrops and the sound of thunders. Today is October 3rd and, with this winter that starts showing us how hard it comes, it's the first day of school, for me and every other student of Middle and High School.
Elementary School had some fun. They started two weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure the kids could enjoy the Sun on every break they had. But no, I am an older guy, and with my 15 years, I'm forced to go to school right when it starts raining and storming. Growing up is fun, isn't it? And this is not even the best part of it.
I'm sorry for this, I should not be complaining but it's hard not t
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Junpei's signature by Zukdeen Junpei's signature :iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 0 0
     I see the stars. I like seeing them. I've been seeing them every night, since I was a child. I still like seeing them every night. But when they move, the fear invades my soul because that means something is going to happen. I know I have big powers, but my powers are not big enough for me to stop the disasters that may come. Just a little movement on a wrong direction of a star means something bad will happen. I try to tell everybody, but all I can say is my name. What a shame for my trainers, they never save themselves.
     Yesterday night, a star moved again. I tried to alert my trainer, but still he didn't care for my advice. What a shame for him. But I also fear, because it was not just a slight movement. The whole star moved away from where it should be. The constellation that before was, is nothing more now. And people has not noticed this yet. I fear, because I don't know if I will be able to wake up again.
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Forest Manor
SOME YEARS AGO: Forest Manor Owner
What a mess... I can't believe I haven't still waken up. My room is a mess, and the maid has not come to clean it yet. But well, it is my birthday! I'm 50 years old now, and with so many enemies I've had, I'm really happy that I've made it to 50 years safe. I won't make a whole party but a social meeting with my daughter, and my maid. My Pokémon will come, too, so I've asked Eterna City's best chef to prepare some special Poffins for my beautiful creatures.
Oh, look! My daughter is really precious today, she dressed for the moment! She's pretty cute. I would like her mother to be alive now, but ugh... Life is how it is, and we must enjoy it! She has brought some Pokémon, and I told my maid to give them food and toys to play. They are pretty cute!
My maid finished polishing my both statues, and they are shining! I love them, they cost me a lot and they're unique, there are only two
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Mature content
The Last Letter :iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 0 0
Sometimes I would like everything to disappear. I would like myself to be inside my bed, still sleeping, not working or doing what I am doing. I know it's not going to happen, but dreams don't kill anyone.
Sometimes, I would like to be dug inside the earth, and make everybody forget everything about me. I want to go away, and never come back. I know it's not going to happen, because I am tied to you.
Sometimes, I would like you not to ignore me. I feel very bad when you do because we have been friends for so long, and now you changed me for your other friend. I know that's not going to happen, I'm not as interesting as he is.
Sometimes, I would like your other friend not to have changed to our school. That way we would still be happy, and together as friends. I know that's not going to happen, he's already here.
And if you want to go with him, go ahead but remember: I promise you I will see you again.
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Perfect Weapon
- Sir, we have finally get it! It's breathing right now. We're making some studies right now, but we'll have it ready really soon.
- I'm on my way.
And, with that words, the leader of such a great crime enterprise hanged the Videocall.
Those were really bad times, the crime enterprise wasn't the same since years ago. Hopefully, this new project the leader was starting and promoting in secret, would make iT's cRime organization rise from the Ashes.
It was a really big project. He had made payments of almost fourty-seven million dollars, but he knew that the project would result. It was worth it.
And, well, it did.
He made a weapon.
He made a weapon able to think.
He made a weapon able to attack.
But he also made a weapon able to choose.
But that weapon went in the wrong way.
That weapon...
The weapon that escaped from South America...
The weapon that hated the humans, the beings that created it...
The weapon that was not the first, but the Second...
The perfect weapon.
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Green Book
And thus, the sir sat on the sofa and opened his book. He had spent a whole week reading it, and only a few pages were left.
And then, he opened the green book. Outside, the words "The Murderer" were writen in caps. Sissy, the sir's Persian sat near him, while he started reading.
The last chapter was the most intriguing one because of its story, which I shall tell: Gardevoir tried to stop Gallade but it was too late. He had planned that for weeks, and he couldn't stop then. He got into the house, leaving Gardevoir and her eyes full of tears. Slowly but with a smile on his face, Gallade walked. He had already been there and knew all the places there were.
First, the kitchen and living room. Walking through the main hall, the bedrooms started to show. It was all just like he remembered. The first one was empty; the second one locked. Finally, the third one had the victim inside it. Gallade opened the door and felt someone behind him. Gardevoir, which had followed him, tried to make Galla
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To be scared by my love
I could not resist. The first time I saw her, I fell in love. She was so cute, so small, so... perfect... My little Misdreavus.
She, the only one I would give my life for, was my partner since I found her. Along her, I fought and found my way through life and the problems I had to face. All of my problems were faced by us, together, as a team. An invincible team. The perfect team.
She was my lover, I was hers. We loved each other. She sang for me, I took care of her. But now, it's all gone.
I thought we had grew a bond. A bond of happiness, of friendship... of love...
I was wrong...
She's gone. She left me. She left me and made me loose all the things I love. Or the only thing I loved, it's the same thing and it doesn't matter now.
She was lately acting weird... Like, like a girl which wants to go out of her parents house, to be free. But I was her lover, not her father... Why would he leave me?
I left everything for her, but now she left me...
I'm alone now, I'm in border of suicide a
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Light-Blue Eyes
Was everything I could shout... I can't believe my luck finished that day.
I've always been a Pokémon fan, since I was 5, and now even with my fourteen years, I'm still a fan. I've had a lot of Pokémon games: Gold, Crystal, Blue, Red, Yellow, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold and I was waiting for the new releases of Pokémon Black and White.
My mother, knowing I was a Pokémon fan, once came with a bag, which was handed to me. Her words, I can remember them. "Take it", she said. "Take it as your birthday gift", she repeated and then left.
I opened the bag and found a Pokémon cartridge. It was not like the ones I had before; it was totally black.
It looked like a Pokémon Diamond cartridge, but it had no title. In fact, the cartridge label only showed two light-blue eyes.
I was really happy, because that meant it was a brand-new game. I didn't want to research to know something else about the game, so I took my Ni
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Mature content
STAB :iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 25 10
We were abandoned. Our trainers captured us in some weird ball things and then released us. They said, "You're weak and useless". They forgot about us. They rejected us. Everyone has rejected our crew. We've been forgotten. Nobody plays with us. Nobody uses us. They just sell us to people who don't know our real power, who end releasing us in a lake or a river.
But we'll get our revenge.
We know the location of the Dragon Gate and we're going there. We'll go through the waterfall and make the Gods award us.
We'll come back, even if you do not want us...
But this time...
We'll get our revenge.
:iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 22 27
iCreepy by Zukdeen iCreepy :iconzukdeen:Zukdeen 4 0
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I detest the smell of 
wet dirt and white lilies
on a sunday afternoon 
because they remind me
of Death and his friends
and they're not the cool kids
on the block that I wanna be
involved with. 
my poetry reeks
of unrequited love and 
cosmic kisses
but I can’t help but wonder if
one day I’ll put my money
where my mouth is
and make those words
come true. 
from the day I was 
born till the day I die
I’ll have iron clad chains 
shackled to my ankles
and a noose made
of dollar bills wrapped
around my neck. 
sometimes I 
wish I had a crystal ball
so that I could see
the path ahead of me
because sometimes I feel
like this future of mine 
is buried deep in an ancient mine
and my little yellow canary
has already died. 
when you grow up 
too fast a fire builds up
inside of you, just 
beneath the shelter of 
cotton ribs and cartil
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Commission - Febon Reference by PuppyMintMocha Commission - Febon Reference :iconpuppymintmocha:PuppyMintMocha 4 8
Real Life Developer Brick Walls
Lost Silver was a very simple game for me to finish. I already had the base engine done before I even HEARD about Lost Silver. All I had to do for Lost Silver was the maps, the NPC's, the graphics (some of them at least), the sounds, and the Pokemon data (unown levels, shiny). With most of the work done by the engine I previously had, Lost Silver was a piece of cake.
Cursed Black is NOT that piece of cake.
I started the engine from scratch on November 2010 or 2011.. it's been so long I can't even remember. Ever since then, my college classes have been taking a big toll of my time. None of you know this, but I'm shooting to get a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Biology, for those who are studying, takes up a FUCKTON of time to study because of term memorization and understanding concepts that almost seem surreal and fake until you see them applied in real life. That's mostly taking up most of my time -- college.
I also live on my own now, so I have to work way more hours to keep my apa
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Save Kitty Cat by Naruneyl Save Kitty Cat :iconnaruneyl:Naruneyl 195 46 The Cube by Hameed The Cube :iconhameed:Hameed 2,541 234 Observation Deck - Wallpaper by z-design Observation Deck - Wallpaper :iconz-design:z-design 4,796 347 go ahead and forget me now by Lubrian go ahead and forget me now :iconlubrian:Lubrian 523 107 Pokemon - Lost Silver by Cieltron
Mature content
Pokemon - Lost Silver :iconcieltron:Cieltron 374 68
Matoi Ryuko - Kill la Kill by RomAttack Matoi Ryuko - Kill la Kill :iconromattack:RomAttack 127 3 EL CRIACUERVOS (ORIGINAL) by ARCEUS2401 EL CRIACUERVOS (ORIGINAL) :iconarceus2401:ARCEUS2401 36 28
Major Pokemon Fansite in the Works!
So as a pokemon fanatic, I thought I would share this news if you haven't heard about it yet. It's literally going viral, and people are claiming this is probably going to be one of the biggest things as far as fan sites and apps go for Pokemon. They are building for iOS and Android too from my understanding. Just in time for X and Y eh? hahaha
From their post -
"THE BIGGEST PIKA NEWS IS ABOUT TO HIT THE INTERWEBZ! An adventure with our new friends await, and they're ready to hit the Pokemon Trail! Visit the site at"
:iconrox52:rox52 1 1
That awkward moment when...
:bulletred: You stumble upon an OC that is remarkably similar, in appearance and/or behavior to one of yours...which also happens to predate yours.
:bulletblue: You realize that an idea you've been working on for a LONG-ASS EFFING TIME has already been done before by someone else, and done much better than you could have managed.
:bulletpink: You make the mistake of going through some of your old work (which you were VERY proud of at the time) to see how it holds up compared to your more recent efforts...and you realize just how much you sucked back then.
:bulletgreen: The most popular bit of work you've got in your gallery is the same one that you can't look at without seeing ALL THOSE GLARING MISTAKES that everyone else is miraculously blind to.
:bulletyellow: You finally realize that your most beloved OC, one that you've spent months designing and imagining, is an undeniable Mary Sue/Gary Stu.
:bulletorange: It finally becomes clear to you that someone you have long admired and prai
:icondamn-yuki:Damn-Yuki 1 6
Everything you need to know about DD: Release Date
:star: EDIT 11/10: Game release underway!
Also, run over HERE to download ringtones of your favorite characters shouting "OBJECTION!" and "HOLD IT!" and "TAKE THAT!"

Everything You Need To Know About Ace A
:iconturnabout-club:Turnabout-Club 48 126
:ID: WALTT by Utakoloid :ID: WALTT :iconutakoloid:Utakoloid 66 34 Infernalhost by tebyforever Infernalhost :icontebyforever:tebyforever 1 0


Journal History


So hello, I'm still alive, still working into the Lavender Town website [ ], which now has 100 members in the forums and lots of the creepypastas the old 6thF had.

I really need to get back onto this site and check my 7000 deviations, but it's so haaard... The good news is that I've been writing and practicing everyday, so my next story might be better than those I wrote before, and actually give chills, which is what I really want.

Now, I have a question. What's the most scary stuff of Pokémon X and Y? I haven't had the chance to play the game, or buy a 3DS, but I really want to know...
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