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Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura

By Zuiyon
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Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura.
I made this drawing for the scrapbook dedicated to Kalafina and Yuki Kajiura at the convention Anime Boston, made by Kerahna ----> :iconkerahna:

This was made a bit in a hurry, but I'm happy with the result C:
I like how Yuki (character in the middle) looks protected by the three others - Keiko ( 窪田啓子 ), Wakana ( 大滝若菜 ) and Hikaru.

And the "Kalafina" writing is not made by me! it's the group's logo =w= it's very pretty

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lol. I was seeking the artist of this image. Never knew that he is on devianart. XD
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THEblack-sheepHobbyist Digital Artist
Kalafina is my favorite band. I would like to put your picture in the group of fans. I do not forget to join the group:[link]
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Awesome! :sohappy: Btw i'm Lunaria from CPM! :)
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Tsiih-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
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O.O it´s a fantastic draw!!!! I love it!!!! OwO
I want draw as you!!!! TwT
oh, yes, I saw the live concert of yuki and the girls. thanks a lot. I love all them!!! TwT
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WAHT YOU SAW THEM ?!! wwhhwwwhhwhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh OMG !!! you're so luckyyy!! i wanted to go but i couldn't X___X
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alchemistOfRosesStudent Artist
Very pretty <33
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thanksssSS =D
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:typerhappy: hahahaha tu dessine beaucoup de fille mmm..
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oui :nod: huhuhu
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XD lugh lugh lughhhhh
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MiruHobbyist Digital Artist
This is so very, very awesome!!!
It doesn't look like you were in a hurry at all! My favourite part is the black shading on the clothes :love: and also how you made the hair look so shiny and smooth! :heart: All of them are so beautiful too :D
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wuaah thank you Miruuu ^w^
I put black shading because I can't color and because I had no time to try coloring it XD
yea I like them too~
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futaichigoHobbyist General Artist
now, what you need to do is coloring :plot:
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Do you want to do it? :ayashii:
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futaichigoHobbyist General Artist
you want? :ayashii:
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KerahnaHobbyist Digital Artist
i love this so much their faces are so real like the real people so pretty sooooo prettyyy <3 <3 <3 and the hair so much detail omg :faint: its not fair why are you so good at poses i can't think of poses ever!! I also need to start drawing more LEGS ohhh teach me professor zui
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waii thank youuu Kerahnaa
aah tha hair killed me XD
weehh I'm not soo good at poses >_<
your poses are really good already!

l...legs °o° oh yea you're going to draw KEIKO'S LEGS youhooooo :nosebleed: jkjk
waaah I can't teach you how to draw legs T__T I can only show you my legs if it can help you to be an example (waw you'd better not see them or you will do nightmares XD) lololl jk~
hmmm legs yea, I can't wait to see your legs, wooops i meant, the ones on your future drawings XD yea that will change from what you do usually~
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KerahnaHobbyist Digital Artist
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foolish girl! for you sake I'll NEVAAAAAAAAHHH XDDDD
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