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Name: Koevi
Nickname(s): Ko
Age: 24

Gender: Stallion

Breed: Kiang Unicorn
Coat Color: Kiang 
Height: 14 HH

Orientation: Homosexual
Partner: Open for plotting!

Herd Affiliation: Talori
Rank: Agent [Aodh]
Patron Deity: Cascade

Talent: Locked
Blessing: Locked
Familiar: Locked

Outfit Design: Coming soon
Teke Color: Invisible

Human AU:



Quick-thinking and cunning, yet unrelenting and strict. Sheds his skin like a serpent to bury uncertainty and personal disarray. Afraid of introspection. Composed in the face of danger, though seeks out thrills to keep his mind occupied. Believes himself to be lawful, but is utterly chaotic.

Resourceful | Silver-tongued | Devoted

For his herd, Koevi will fill any shape asked of him. To his emissary he is the watchful bodyguard, to a group of strangers in an inn he is the boisterous newcomer with colorful stories to tell, and to an enemy he is a vindictive fighter who does not yield. Years of training and studies under strict tutelage have created a horse who expertly spins false stories with unbreakable, invisible strands. Koevi can be anyone for a situation and eagerly slips into the role of a novel character to divulge secrets from his newest acquaintance, despite dismissing his interest as a mere requirement of an agent.

Each situation is an opportunity. Koevi does not enter a room without accounting for every object and person in sight. A chair could make a useful weapon in a pinch, and perhaps a window is the only escape route. Then the visible strengths and flaws of each person are analyzed, and Ko amuses himself with guessing the meaning behind the inconspicuous shift of a hoof to the odd lilt in a voice. His mother taught him to do this in his boyhood, introducing it as a game to understand others with. Even when speaking to someone on friendly terms he is scrutinizing with keen eyes, just as a physician dissects with a razor thin scalpel.

Around others he must mask deception through the sincerity of his lies - he speaks with poise and chooses his words with a certain rare elegance, understanding what is needed for a situation. Though he lacks the subtle sociopolitical niceties required for emissaries, his conviction to his many roles is resolute. From an early age he has been groomed to use the polite vernacular of the upper-class he does not belong to, earning respect and trust throughout Talori’s numerous social circles. He can lavish praise on his herd’s advancements without seeming obsequious or fanatic. Yet if given a few days for introspection, his façade would waver.

Avoidant | Conflicted | Creative

Koevi can talk at great length about the mastery of his emotion, but somewhere a troubled soul exists. When he thinks about what he wants for his future, not as an agent, ripples of unfamiliar anxiety disturb the clear pool of his mind. At times he feels as though he’s forgotten what it is like to receive an honest smile, not born from trickery and careful wordplay. The idea of having a lasting relationship or even a family is foreign. And the possibility of loss or rejection terrifying. He tells himself not to dwell on alien subjects, for fear of destabilizing his position. After seeing how his father's temper and lack of self-control led him astray from a good career and promotion, he instead chooses to bury his feelings.

However, Koevi is not removed from personal interests. He inherited his mother’s melodious voice and is unusually fascinated by story-telling through song. Often, lyrics and rhyme are his personal mnemonic in memorizing foreign herd customs to the names of horses he intends to spy upon. Further still, he likes to indulge in games he believes he could never lose – especially those with high-stake risks.

To that end, there is a place for his loyalty to falter. He ignores in-herd disdain towards gambling and similar games. He gets a thrill out of manipulating many secret hands successfully, yet being trusted as an eye for Talori’s government. His herd’s disapproval towards his sexuality only inspires him to find secret ways to push back against the system. He will not feel shame for who he is. But he will never betray his herd nor his Empress. Rather he will play simple games with the inner-workings of system he thinks he can toy with.

Stoic | Unyielding | Egotistical

He does consider his work as his first and foremost priority in life. As an agent he is a terrifying foe, for he will not submit to any physical hardship nor steep bribery. He compartmentalizes pain, as it will pass in time. And he needs little more than his most prized possessions which a stranger could not give him. He is not easily frightened and is enduring in the face of hardship that would send others into despair. Whatever is asked of him, he will do it. Granted an intelligent reason is given. He won’t listen to illogical commands that would destroy all he has worked for, and is willing to report a superior that steps out of line or seems unfit for their position. He knows he was picked to be an agent for his cunning and despises the thought of being taken for granted or used idly.


  • Fascinated by bird calls and song; enjoys observing Talori’s tropical birds and keeping a record on all he has seen
  • At one time wanted to be an agriculturalist – has a brooding interest in the wilds
  • A passionate lover of art and experimentation, especially in regards to theater
  • Trains daily in the art of swordplay; it keeps his mind calm



        Father: Velhmor, Guardian, Hippocampus, 48
Mother: Avema, Entertainer, Unicorn, 48
One younger sister
Two younger brothers


Velhmor and Avema’s meeting and following marriage arose from a shared desire for social elevation and recognition. Avema was a rising star at the time, on course to sing and dance at the palace as she traveled and spread her name through Aquore’s cities. She possessed a voice that many likened to ocean waves – dynamic though rhythmic, with a solemn inflection representing wisdom well beyond her years. This, paired with her forthright personality made her remarkably popular. She could speak her mind to and banter with audiences with boldness discouraged in Talori mares. It was conceived as only part of her act as humor to offset the solemn grace of her music.

But it was hardly an act – Avema always dreamed of setting herself apart. Born a fraternal twin to a hippocampi sister, and the youngest of three brothers, she was never her parents’ favorite child. Her brothers, strong and noble became guardians while her sister flourished as a cleric. Avema never quite understood why her parents’ devotion lingered on her least when she loved them back so dearly. What was it that made her sister so different in their eyes? And so she paved her way with the gift of song, determined to inspire the devotion of others and be heard.    

Velhmor first saw her when she performed at the home of an official he was a security guard for. Her music was enchanting, but her ambition was far more impressive. He wished to be a commander, and found that Avema was easy to talk and conspire with. They courted for some time, and when their parents approved of the match the pair were married soon after.


They settled in Inaria, Velhmor’s home, and began a family early into their marriage. Velh prayed to Cascade for a hippocampi son to shoulder his legacy and teachings, but instead was blessed with a gangly, small unicorn. Even as he celebrated the birth, his wife sensed the disappointment his eyes held upon seeing the scrawny foal. But Velh did not give up on his son easily. As the years went by he began to accept that he would not earn the rank he coveted so dearly. His superiors said he was loyal and strong, yes, but he was also impulsive and quick to anger. If they would not offer him the position, then he would train his firstborn to their standards.

And so early childhood was driven by his father’s obsession – Velhmor taught the scrappy colt about art of strategy and weaponry known to guardians. But his mother saw other potential in her son and tutored him in her the skill of cunning and wordplay. She had begun to wonder if her husband was not the right match for her. He was a traditionalist and so while ambitious, uninterested in social progression. Velh only indulged in fantasies of his own personal advancement and not of largescale change.


Koevi grew to be strong of mind and body, careful to keep secret from his father his mother’s education and beliefs. This became the first lie he grew skilled in practicing. Others soon followed. His parents thought little of his crushes on other boys when he was a young teen, for it was the way of youths. But Ko never shed his crushes and as he grew older spent much time in secret with a young stallion who shared his affections. All this he guarded dearly, learning that deception was a mechanism for his own happiness. But a small voice in the back of his mind suspected his mother had an inkling, and to keep her favor he attended to her wishes. His father had moved on to his second son, finding promise in another, and alltogether ignoring Ko beyond simple greetings.

Avema eventually persuaded her son to cut ties with any personal secrets that could damage his future, and inevitably he did so, trusting her too dearly. The sharp, blinding pain that accompanied the decision he could never forget, but out of ignorance he turned to his mother for council once more. Anything to drown the ache in his heart. Avema’s solution for grief was to focus all his strengths on a career. 

His mother desired him to be an emissary, for she longed not only for the pride and opportunity it would bring to their family, but also for a way to catch a rare glimpse of the outside world. Avema believed her son, if made into a government official, would still indulge in secrets for her. She introduced him to the right people to offer him as a prospective candidate and seek their guidance and training. They acknowledged his cunning, but too saw the guarded look in his eyes. When the time came, they named him Agent.

Koevi was not upset by the decision. Instead he marveled at the opportunity given. He would get to observe and partake in a herd different from everything he knew, without being bound only to courtesies and rules of the higher orders his parents idolized. The things his mother described – what if they existed elsewhere, or were part of lower classes his father so desperately scorned? Though loyal to his herd and home, Ko held indescribable curiosity about any place that could be different from all he knew.

Yet despite years of precise grooming for the role, his assignment both frightened and invigorated him - Aodh, a herd known for vibrant culture and passion, whose citizens eagerly flaunted their disregard for certain values his own herd held so dear. And yet he immediately knew he was right to hide within their herd, being strategically friendly and companionable, though cutthroat with his weapons and words. Outwardly he accepted the position with pride and buried any doubts that accompanied it. Inwardly he dealt with the harsh reality of his parents' feelings. His mother never forgave him for not becoming an Emissary as she desired, while his father considered him a lost cause and instead focused his efforts on cultivating his other sons.

Doubt manifested as private rebellion and then resentment, and he resolved to no longer heed the council of his parents.
They would no longer maneuver him for what they had dreamed of and lost.

  •  Aodhians for him to spy upon, learn secrets, and even become friendly(?) with
  • Secret agent missions and dire situations
  • A secret lover!
  • Meet people who challenge his strict beliefs
  • Learn to acknowledge feelings™ in a healthy way

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References: Kiang 01 | Mule 2
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