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2906 | Zephyr



ID: 2906
Name: Zephyr
Sex: Mare
Breed/type: Desert

Genotype: EE Aa nCr nCry nTx nHs nInv
Phenotype: Barbary Buckskin Carey w/ Hornstripe & IHM (Tuxedo carrier)

Affiliation: Ex-UPFA Pit-Fighter ; Now wild
Dog [+1 Speed, +2 Intelligence]
Phoenix [+4 Stats, 10 Denarii]
Hunting Rank: Venator (Proof)

Personality | History:

Dominating  | Aloof | Calculating | Anxious | Reckless | Prideful

Nervous around other ballators, but masks her anxiety as disinterest. Avoids eye contact in conversation, yet often blunt and quick to the point. Bottles up her emotions and carries them with her like an iron weight. Close to her half-brother Ironclad
and shares their father's mischievousness.


Stolen to be sacrificed in a major pit-fighting ring to spite the stable that once rescued ex-fighters. Zephyr surprised her captors with her tenacity and was trained to fight. The final tournament came and went, the victory little more than another round in a never-ending series. Her next fight was raided and she fled into the wilderness, taking with her a dog intended as bait for the fighting stallions. Lost in the woods for a long time. Guided out of the woods by one of Aether's phoenixes who became her second, steadfast companion. 

Bloodline | Slots:

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: ID 081
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD:  unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: GH 060
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 
Note: Any foals are considered NON CANON to her story.

1. ID 3891
2.-10. Permanently Closed, please do not ask. <3

Foal Design: Click
Import: ID 2906

 Trackers | Awards:

Stat Tracker: X
Hunting Tracker: X

2017 UPFA Boxer Champion: Winner's Circle

Venator Hunter: X

Stock: N/A
Background: N/A

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Such a precious girl ;0;
Please poke me if you ever open a slot to her again!
Zugunruhes's avatar
Thank you, she means so much to me!

Unfortunately as a personal horse her slots will never be opening, but thank you for the interest!
TSDTR's avatar
God she is so pretty...
Zugunruhes's avatar
Aa thank you she's very precious to me!
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//intense eyebrow wiggling
Wanna collab for this round?
Zugunruhes's avatar
Absolutely! Want to hit me up on Skype or discord about it?
ComplacentFool's avatar
I definitely will!
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Ahh she's gorgeous <33
equine2210's avatar
Omg she's beautiful! Will you be opening any slots soon?
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Aah thank you! Probably not for a while since she's pretty special to me, but I'll let you know if I do. C:
equine2210's avatar
Okay ;) thank you!
Pandamonium-Rose's avatar
She's absolutely gorgeous!
Zugunruhes's avatar
Ahh thank you, she's my favorite desert mare of mine <3
MoonstalkerWerewolf's avatar
I really love her. eueee That sly and forbidding expression.
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this comment is so good why didn't i react to this before
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Thank you for appreciating my genius
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