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ID: 2733
Name: Zugunruhe
Sex: Mare
Breed/type: Desert

Age: 8 yrs
Height: 16.3 HH

Discipline: Undecided
Affiliation: Feral
Grullo Tobiano Jester Oryx (Pearl Carrier) | Ee aa Dd nprl nT JeJe nOr
Rarity: 19
Dun +1, Tobiano +1, Oryx +1, Jester +3, Saturated horn color +3, Lone horn +3, Extra sets +4, Half back-mane (Mare) +3.
Extra sets gifted via Aether:…



Coming soon!

Breeding Information:


------------------------------------------ SSS: N/A
----------------- SS: N/A
------------------------------------------ SSD: N/A
  Sire: 169 Dux Sub Terra
------------------------------------------ SDS: N/A
----------------- SD: N/A
------------------------------------------ SDD: N/A

------------------------------------------ DSS: N/A
----------------- DS: N/A

------------------------------------------ DSD: N/A

Dam: 329 Et Illa Clausit Corde
------------------------------------------ DDS:
----------------- DD: N/A

------------------------------------------ DDD:  N/A


700 Points
Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 

1. MonsLeonis  | Parent slot | 372 Tentans Fata Amoris
2. xSleepingForestx | Parent slot |
3. HelloWishbone | Good to go | 2034 Deus Ex Collatus
4. Life-of-Kat | Good to go | 3811 Nightengale
5. Kaybutts | Good to go | 3899 Anubis
6. Mine | Good to go | 006 | IHS Leoni Ludae
7. werewolfluva | Good to go | 3249 MSS Cocaine
8. skellri | Good to go | 1501 | Rasmus
9. Open
10. Closed

Breeding Note:…
Accepted Foal Design:…

 Art and Statistics:

2733 Zugunruhe : Stat Tracker
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MonsLeonis's avatar
Hi, I was hoping you would update my slot to this account instead of Pukzzi
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure thing, updated!
Solis-oculus's avatar
Here's the baby !!
5121 foal design by werewolfluva
Solis-oculus's avatar
can i buy a slot to the lovely lady?
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure thing! Just send the points and I'll mark you down!
Zugunruhes's avatar
Got you all marked down!
Kaybutts's avatar
This is a gorgeous lady!! Would I be able to buy a slot from her? ;u; <3
Zugunruhes's avatar
Absolutely! Send the points any way you like and I'll mark you down.
Kaybutts's avatar
Sent, I'll be using ID 3899 - Anubis as the mate <3
Zugunruhes's avatar
Yaaas jester deserts! :D

marked you down!
equine2210's avatar
Would u accept stat payments? She's beautiful 
Zugunruhes's avatar
I do take hunting artwork payments! :D
equine2210's avatar
Oooh how many hunting pics ?
Zugunruhes's avatar
Would you be okay doing one hunting image featuring these 2?

equine2210's avatar
omggggg yas i'd LOVE to draw your bab Zephyr!!!! what landscape and items are included?
Zugunruhes's avatar
They would need to hunt in an African region!
Here's a link to possible huntable items, you'd just need to pick one!

And a link to my hunting tracker as well :D…
equine2210's avatar
awesome thank you i will get started on that when i can also this is the stallion i would like to use if that it okay:)
ID 3972 Gavilan
Zugunruhes's avatar
These two are actually related! Zugunruhe is his SD, so the foal would come out with some severe inbreeding defects if you used that stallion! :C
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Thank you! c:
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