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192 | Regalis



ID: 192
Name: Regalis [To receive a nameplate & become ' ']
Sex: Stallion
Breed/type: Mountain Ballator

Age: 11 Years
16.3 HH
Genotype: Ee aa Dd nSb
Phenotype: Grullo Sabino
Rarity: 9
Dun +1, Sabino +1, Horn color +5, Horn shape +2.



Personality: Candid | Moody | Passionate | Avoidant | Precise | Opportunistic | Pragmatic

The fears and the anxious thoughts that keep him up at night often clash with the restless personality that lies beneath. He is caught between old desires born from when he knew the world a better place, and his new deep mistrust for every creature he meets. At first meeting he is blunt, almost callous, and quick to end a conversation. He takes what he needs to survive, never mind the cost, and is constantly on the move in case certain horrors catch up to him. Around the few who know him well there's a raw energy he possesses, a rare drive and fighting spirit for what he does care about that will never abandon him.


Quirks: Despite their frequent arguments and disagreements, often seen in the company of Magnus. Also a companion and guide to Benvolio who relies on him. He's surprisingly patient with Benvolio, and at times protective.

Goals: Regale's Quests. Possibly dotted sooty and archetain from the quest prizes.

RP Status: Open!  


[In progress]

Breeding Information:


Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 

1. swaqdaddi | Good to go |
2. VoydHeart | Good to go | 2670 - GGS Ignem Dominam Suam
3. pancakebossart101 | Good to go | 3237 Hey Haaarls | Mountain
4. kaons | Good to go | 2987 Fatalem Balanditia
5. Rikailiahn | Good to go | 1326 Mercy
6. Shinju-Tsukuda | Good to go |
7. Winzer | Good to go | 583 Avicula
8. Cutepup | Good to go | 88 WIC Lumen Oculis
9. Horsydraw | Good to go | 583 Avicula
10. HelloWishbone | Good to go |

Foal Design: Here
Transfer note:
Plaque Design: ID 192

 Art and Statistics:
192 Regalis : Stat Tracker

Reference: Pete 21
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Please mark your Fenris appeal donated slot for Little-Fork, and thank you so much for participating!
Jrcartworks's avatar
Can I grab a slot to this guy please? 
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure! What payment method?
Jrcartworks's avatar
Points please! 
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure thing, just send them over and I'll mark you down!
Jrcartworks's avatar
Sent! thank you 
Jrcartworks's avatar
Okay. So me and Horsydraw are working together to make a white horned foal! So could you please mark her for the slot with this gal <3  583 Avicula by WolfCub1227
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Cutepup's avatar
I could offer 4 hunting pictures for a slot if that's ok?  :D
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure, that would work for me!
Cutepup's avatar
Okey c: Just give me the details with the hunt and I will start right away c; Btw would you be ok if he was included together with one of my horses and one of my friends horse? If you wonder it's the newest 2 hunting pictures I have done c:
Let me know if that's ok with you c;
Zugunruhes's avatar
Here is my hunting tracker with his rank listed! Hunting Tracker
Any prey item from a region he can hunt in works! And feel free to include other horses : )
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure that sounds good! I'll mark that mare asap.

Also could you please update Regalis' hunting rank to Medial on all the hunt images? Thank you!
Cutepup's avatar
Thank you^^ All fixed :D
Cutepup's avatar
Alrighty^^ Thanks you, I'll get it done ASAP :D
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Hey Astro! Would it be possible for me to nab a Breeding slot to this dude? I can do 1,200 :points: (or $21 via PayPal) AND the Breeding pic/ hunting pic of you like? :3
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sure, I can do it for $12 via paypal (1200 will be 12 dollars :D ) + a hunting pic of him!
Rikailiahn's avatar
Heyo~ sorry I'm getting back to you so late! What's your Paypal?! :D you can note it to me if you like! as well as any ideas/ preferences you have for the hunting image!
Rikailiahn's avatar
Here's the fullbody Hunting Image! 
Crash Course: How Rabbits Cause Problems

Also- the mare I plan to breed this boyoto is : 1326 Mercy
kaons's avatar
Here is the lady I'll be using :) 
2987 Fatalem Balanditia
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