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1853 | Ecce Vicit Leo de Mari


ID: 1853
Ecce Vicit Leo De Mari "Lion of the sea"
Barn Name/Nickname:
Sex: Mare
Breed/type: Plains

Age: 13 yrs
Height: 19 HH

Discipline: Undecided
Black Tobiano Splash Blanket Appaloosa Jester / EE/aa/nT/nSpl/nLp(Patn2)/nJe
Rarity: 15

Personality/History: Lion of the sea is a fitting name for a mare possessing both regal beauty and a fiery, bold temperament. She's aloof and proud, having never lost a fight she's taken on, but also possesses a very logical mind and is near impossible to trick. She's easier to get along with if one knows her well, but has a particularly dominating presence. 



------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD:  Unknown

Registration note:…
Transfer note:…
Accepted Foal Design:…

Slots :
400 Points

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal 

1 228 Art Partem Maris
2 B-1050 Viridi Fontis
3 GoldenGhostStables | Slot trade, good to go |
Fere Puer | 2074
4 Pukzzi | Slot trade, good to go | 1341 Et Oratoris Veritatem | 2190 Celestia
5 Lycera | Good to go | 742 Virga quod Calx
Mine | Ignis Domini | 2105 Phantasma Dramatis
7 InTheCellar | Good to go | 2677 Prophet
8 consteIIar | Good to go | 018 Pardus Cervus
9 weewight | Good to go |
3016 Ventis Hiemalis
10 akumawolfsong | Good to go | 1764 Lunae Lumen Terrificus
11 SammieAsMagPie | Good to go | 308 Interficeret Regem
12 Winzer | Okily dokily | 3043 | Czernobog

Gaits: 2
Dressage: 2
Intelligence: 10
Stamina: 10

Speed: 2

Strength: 16


(Total: 44 )

+3 This ref
+19 Chibi Herd
+3 Ecce Vicit Leo De Mari Payment
+2 I could be your fantasy
+6 Meeting of the Strong
+5 Tundra salad
+6 Making friends

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Emberic16's avatar
What a pretty gal! I have her daughter and granddaughter XD
akumawolfsong's avatar
Is there any way that you accept hunting literature for a slot?
Zugunruhes's avatar
Absolutely! Would you be up for doing hunting lit with these two?……
akumawolfsong's avatar…
Here is the story! Each gain 15 stats from it. Do you need me to do any more?
Zugunruhes's avatar
Ahhh that is perfect, thanks so much! I'll mark down your slot now!
akumawolfsong's avatar
I can definitely do those two! Just looking at how beautiful they are kinda makes me want a desert... 
Zugunruhes's avatar
Awesome! Information about their personalities is in their descriptions, and I prefer they hunt for a large animal in one of their acceptable regions, but the rest is up to you! : ) I'll mark down your slot and update it once the lit is finished.

And you should totally go for a desert, they're my favorite type! ; D
akumawolfsong's avatar
Can you please mark my slot for… ?
As payment for his slot, I did a lit piece of him meeting this mare here:…
Zugunruhes's avatar
Sorry for the late reply!! That story fits Leo's personality so well : D ! And updated your slot!
akumawolfsong's avatar
I'm so glad that it fit his personality! Thank you for updating her slot, I will send in the breeding once the stallion's owner updates their sheet too ^.^
weewight's avatar
I've finally found the perfect stally for my slot Love 
Zugunruhes's avatar
Got him down!! <3
Lycera's avatar
Heyy I'm using this stallion for my slot… The BP will be up later today! :D
Zugunruhes's avatar
Zugunruhes's avatar
Feel free to send the breeding note in any time! C:
Lycera's avatar…
Foal design! Just waiting to be accepted, might have to be altered a bit :)
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