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By Zueuk
Or, for short - Fractasm - is the name of the fractal editor I'm working on. :pc:

Though these days I'm finding myself fractaling more often than coding, which is kind of a good thing anyway - because it means that the program actually does what it was intended to do: makes it possible to find new ways of making fractals.
To do this, I am breaking IFS fractal generation into pieces small enough to be rearranged and combined in different ways. That's why it's called "assembler" :) and also because it exposes some pretty low-level things, like number of iterations, for editing.
Obviously, the editor like this is intended for users advanced enough to know a bit of mathematics and programming... Although, I kind of hope that it will be able to help even normal people :) to understand fractals better... If it ever going to be released of course. :hmm:
This project is big enough to cause overflows in my brain Brainless idiot! so my progress is not very fast. The program still lacks a lot of important features, and I still have doubts about how some things should be done, or should they be done at all... So I can't promise any alpha/beta releases any time soon. In fact, I doubt that many people can figure it out in the current state :slow: it looks pretty alien compared to Apophysis-likes :alien: Besides, although it generally works in the same way, it is not compatible with Apophysis - which means you cannot just load your old "flame" params...

So, if you see me submitting any fractals these days, know that it's Not Apophysis. It is Fractasm. Don't call them "flames" :awwstab: by CYCLER
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Can't wait for it be released, you've already made incredible stuff with it!
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Do you need help in programming?
I've taught C++ years ago and know something about this language. Which compiler do you use?
Zueuk's avatar
not really. I'm using MSVC 2015 and the Qt framework.
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I have always admired your work and would love to explore your new program when your ready to release it. 
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Interesting! The results look excellent already. What programming language are you writing it in?
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I'm excited for new ways of making fractals
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I've been away from DA so long, and used Stack Overflow so much nowadays I was trying to find the upvote button . . . doh!

So, anyway, +1 from me. I haven't made any new fractals for a while because on Mac not PC. No Apophysis. But I am watching with interest . . .
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maybe a Christmas present to us like that one year??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ivankorsario's avatar
When the beta version I'll use
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