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At last, I have time to shed some light on...

:spotlight-left: The Apophysis 3D hack :spotlight-right:

Treasure in 3D by Zueuk

Before I say anything, I have to remind you that this is still a very quick hack, that is: it is quite ugly and unoptimized, and etc... It is quite stable though, unlike some other recently added features ;)

Well, getting to the point. Do you remember the "perspective" variation? It was created with the "3D idea" in mind - if we put it as a final xform, the result will look like it is rotated in 3D... But the fractal itself is still quite flat. So, if somehow we could add a "z" coordinate to the fractal points... And then take this coordinate into account in the "perspective" view... Well, that's what I did :)

So, what you see on the picture is actually a simple projection of 3D-fractal onto a 2D screen without (unfortunately) any checking for occluded points or anything like that... :roll:

Another problem here is the user interface - the "triangles" work only in 2D, so I had to add a couple of variations just to do the linear transformation of the "z" axis... Believe me, working on something this way is really not so comfortable :hmm:
I also tried to make some "real 3D" variations too, but it turned out that using them might be more difficult than usual - because of the 3rd dimension :confused:

Oh, and I forgot to say that even if we won't use the third "z" coordinate, the renderer still got to remember about it, move it from one place to another and ect., so rendering in this version will be a bit slower... :|

Well, you might have guessed by now, that I'm saying all this to explain why this 3D stuff should not go into the official Apophysis branch :D
Still, this doesn't mean we can't release it as an "unofficial" Apo version ;) At least this one could be meaningfully called like "version 2.06+Z" :)

(and we just hoped to end this multi-version madness by adding the plugin system... :shakefist: oh no... :D)


Download the latest Apophysis 2.06c beta at the Sourceforge:

Discuss Apophysis at the FracFan Forum:
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Lol..that is beautiful...so adding a z plane to an existing 3 vertice 2 dimensional triangle..results in what?...an elongated triangle or a pyramid?
Epogh's avatar
I thank you from the bottem of my heart for making and shareing this hack.It had changed my life.
Thank you Milo
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jimmytc25's avatar
that looks soo awesome
frdmlong's avatar
God I love you. Are you married? :blowkiss: :XD:
MortalSphere's avatar
When will we be able to download this hack? I would like to play with it.
exarobibliologist's avatar
Can we download this +z version from somewhere? :D I'd like to play with 3D too...
shaun-rules-4eva's avatar
+Z, lol.
I think it looks Awesome :D
LordShenlong's avatar
you've got skillz! tis awesome ;p
LDS-Jedi's avatar
If you choose to make this into an Apop release.. could you make a version for Linux? Pleeeeaaassssseeee...
imagebuilder's avatar
wowsers! a dream come true for sure :nod: 3d Apo fractals!
moforuss's avatar
Now that would most certainly rekindle my lack of good flames lately,I hope this becomes a reality.
Ezeg's avatar
Well done
Your original treasure has a 3dish look about it already
Can you post some of your other fractals rendered in the new 3dZ version

Look forward to the release.
Kaeltyk's avatar
Really good and interesting !!
Releasing the sources for this should make me go back to Delphi :D !
Zueuk's avatar
oh no, don't do that! Delphi sucks! :shakefist:
Kaeltyk's avatar
So you don't use Delphi ? I'd be interested in knowing what kind of software suite you use to compile and tweak the Apophysis code, I really thought it was released for Delphi !
I've been so long in C++ and unreal scripts now that I don't even know what's happened in the other languages domain since my 5.5 oop Pascal package :)
Zueuk's avatar
well actually I have to use this inferior language because of Apophysis, so... :D
Kaeltyk's avatar
So... you are converting the sources for a 'true' language like C++ ? let me know if you finish this :).
Well, I would have to set up delphi and the courage is lacking...
Zueuk's avatar
hehe, rewriting Apo in C++ is my (and ~utak3r's) dream for some time already :)
lyc's avatar
pssst, there exists a gpu implementation doing 160m iterations per second ;)
Zueuk's avatar
but what about floating point precision there in GPU?
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Phoenix-22's avatar
I haven't followed the development of 3D fractals avidly, but the one you posted is one the best images, and possibly the most promising. Given the fact that there has been some progress, is it at all possible that we could have 3D fractals in Apophysis sometime in the next year, or is it just a one-off thing (such as the image variation)?
psycho-pigeon's avatar
Oh, dear, lord. I must lear to make fractals to make myself feel better... lol
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