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Night Vision

By Zueuk
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A "night" version of the Juliascope :sherlock: now with heat sensors! ;)
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© 2006 - 2021 Zueuk
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süper, süper, süper.
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Hi There! :wave:
You have just earned yourself an O.D.D.(^oibyrd's daily devs) feature :winner: ! congrats!:clap: !!
ODDS (oibyrd's daily deviations) are to honor the sometimes overlooked artists of dA that I personally think deserve some exposure and also, to introduce the more popular artists to the new/overlooked deviants. I prefer to showcase ALL artwork that I love (and that includes popular artists with a fair amount of traffic to their work) in order to create a non-biased feature of the talent on dA. *PLZ DO KEEP IN MIND - some of the features are quite popular and obviously don't need extra help - however - I enjoy posting them because they inspire other artists. Please click the link below to see your work featured and to view other featured artists . If you prefer not to be a featured artist, just send me a note and I will remove you from the list. Cheers! Sandi xoxo :heart:
my art account -> ^oibyrd
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you're very welcome! :):hug:
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Great detail, easily +fav
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this is one of the most beautyfull things i have seen on deviantart. not only is it very stylish and perfectly executed, it also has (unlike most pictures) an resolution that satisfies even high end users. it is so simple but it is an instant eyecatcher. i use it as my desktop for perhaps three days now, and at least a dozen people at my university have asked me about it.

and it is so inspiring. the first thing i thought about when i saw it was that this is the way a tool-song would look when you could transfer it on a canvas, or visualise it somehow. so deep, so easy to get lost in... faszinating.

oh, and instant fav of course...
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Absolutely an outstanding and very dramatic image!
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thanks for the :+fav:!
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You are very welcome, It is my pleasure!
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Amazing detail!
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:faint: The full view is mind blowing! :+fav:

I can't wait to get my hands on 2.03d. :) It looks like it will be lots of fun to play with.
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:bow: thank you!
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Amazing detail - in combination with the title, it brought to mind the night-vision glasses from 'Silence of the Lambs' :D
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I actually think I like this one better! Great work!
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Holy Moly! The details are killing me in full view Peter!
This is again worth to :+fav: it!
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Hurry up with d!! you're killing me!! :)
Looks like it's enough to be 2.04 in my opinion.
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hehe you're right :D I'm starting to get a feeling that if we wait some more, we should call it 2.10 already :rofl:
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:wow: - these just get more and more incredible :clap: :+fav:
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ты самый популярный артист на мойм рабочем столе... ещё одна работа в зачет! )
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