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I found this render lying around my HDD at work... Date on the file says: April 13, 2006... 1:59 am :shrug:
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Holy crap! The detail on this is exquisite. It has a really fiery look to it.

You're probably one of the best yet that I've seen who do these renders.
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Lovely! It reminds me of a cathedral ceiling :)
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incredible ... can you shed any light whatsoever on the methods used .. cheers ... excellent work!!!!
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wow, AMAZING!! def. a fave (:
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Oh my goodness gracious... I think that you are discovering God!
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Wow, absolutely incredible! Hope I can one day learn to make anything near this intricate with the new Apo. I'm still struggling to produce simple flames with 2 triangles! You're a star!! Don't forget about that tut I've been hounding you about! :D
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Such fantastic detail, I can't live without this amazing piece in my little favourites gallery!
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Nice!!! I love the intricacy. :D
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You are a demigod of symmetry.
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That is a wild rendering!! Love the complexity of it. Good work!! :D
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Fantastic flame.
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Красиво, черт побери!
Аж дух захватывает!! =)
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I like the dark, almost thretening feel to this compared to say 'Juliascope' :clap:
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uhh..I can't stop to fav your fractals,I'm sorry=Dgreat work!I love it!:clap:
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hehe, thank you! :bow:
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I just can't figure out how you do these pictures. Makes them even more beauitful!
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you could flip it on its side and make it a wall paper. that would be awesome
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Awesome again. Reminds me a bit of your other piece the 13th Seal...
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hehe :devilish: thanks for the :+fav:!
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No probs! I really want to learn how to produce those in Apo :ninjaplot:
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